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    Knuckles Chaotix 32X

    Great music, great graphics. And gameplay? Not too bad. The main negative I see is what SamIAm explained in his second paragraph. It's definately worth playing - just don't expect a sonic game ;) For me, the best part about playing the game is speed runs.
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    Running normal programs as services

    I have a feeling you may be able to achieve what you want with windows scheduler & or scripts.. Don't ask me how to use them though - I've never had the need :P.
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    Banned 360 Commercial, really funny

    Now why was that banned? It's brilliant! :bow
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    Michael Jackson's Sonic 3

    Michael Jackson's Sonic 3 Um, you could always go to the source. I think the video shows the site that first publicized it.
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    Resident Evil (a.k.a. Bio Hazard)

    "They escaped into the mansion" "where they thought it was safe." "Yet.." Ahh, the memories. Anyone else played this game all the way through with both characters?
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    Lol - Here's an interesting site: I think if we follow this guys lead, we won't have any more problems finding genres for games. :P Well, at least if you follow his categorization methodology, then Metroid is, indeed, nothing like Zelda...
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    Well, if you weren't phased with my previous response to that question, then perhaps this answer will suffice: Since no "legitimate source" containing 'agreed on' definitions exist, websites authors have to resort to defining their own genres (or asking fellow members to do so), which results...
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    Aliens Vs Predator 3 (PC)

    I thought it was great how unique the three races were; to both each other and (in the case of the non-human species) other games. I got into it after reading the pages relating to it @ I played through each of the single-player campaigns, but I wouldn't do it a second time. My...
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    Never played it, haven't looked at it. I just know my PC won't run it :D Don't know of Shogo either...
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    I won't bother with the nit-picks so I'll just jump to the conclusion: Defining genres is more than just "spotting the differences". The most important thing, is what you choose as the basis of your comparison. If you use the icing, your not comparing genres, but instead, comparing aspects...
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    Good thinking. Your on the right track with trying to find things that are unique only to RPGs. But if you think that the "presence of 'experience points', which enables the increasing of 'attributes' of a character" is unique only to RPG's, then you need to play more games ;). Like-wise...
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    Nintendo's Magic: is it this powerful?

    Oh, whoops :lol: I think that a DragonBall game as you describe isn't a bad idea. In fact, it's already been done - on the GBA.
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    Lol. Never heard of that one :D So, what genre would you classify, for example, "Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past"? And why?
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    Nintendo's Magic: is it this powerful?

    I think that (aside from Gunpei Yokoi's experimenting with various ideas back in the early years,) Nintendo has "played it safe" in many aspects... well, at least compared to Sega :P All of Nintendos recent experiments (bongos, DS, nintendogs) seem to have been successes, so I guess that's a...
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    Just out of curiosity: which of the "RPG elements" examples that I listed above did you encounter in most of the 'Legend of Zelda' games?
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    That's the whole point! :P No, it appears your thinking that I endorse categorizing a game a "RPG" when it exhibits such things - it's quite the opposite, really! All those things I listed are what many misguided people refer to as "RPG elements", in which when they encounter them in games, they...
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    Zelda Twilight Princess puns

    Well, put it this way - the more widely accepted that abbreviation gets, the less stupid it will sound.
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    Zelda Categorization Issues

    If you don't know what genre a game is, try comparing it to other games. For example, Metroid is the same genre as The Legend of Zelda. I could give you a proper explanation of the genre, but I think it's a bit too advanced for critical debate, and besides, genres are a touchy subject - I...
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    Blaster Master (NES)

    One of Sunsofts greatest creations.
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    New Metroid Prime 3 Screens Emerge?

    [offtopic] Actually, I'm more inclined to believe that the reason why people would have a favourite game that's an RPG is because they enjoyed the storyline of the game. A result of enjoying the storyline, is increased attachment to the characters, and the surrounding game world - which is...