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    Genesis Cover Scan Request Thread

    Sorry about that, I forgot about this thread for a while. Yes that is a nice scan. That ImageEvent site also has some great stuff- the resolution on some of the scans is ludicrously high!
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    Which bios chip for a Sega CD II?

    Anyone know what KIND of 16-bit EPROM is the closest equivalent to the one used in the Sega CD? The 27C200/27C400 and 27C2048/27C4096 have completely different pinouts.
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    SEGA Genesis model 2 S-Video mod

    How did you get your hands on a CXA2075 chip? Did you have to scavenge something?
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    I need a CUE file for Street Fighter Zero 3

    This happens to me too, and I have no clue what's going on as I've tried two seperate dumps. I'm going to suspect a bug in the game at this point because I've eliminated every other possibility.
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    What are the most rare genesis titles?

    Are people still charging $250 for Alien Soldier(Japan) and/or Rockman Megaworld? The PAL version of Alien Soldier doesn't go into the stratosphere on eBay as much as it used to. There are are also shitty HK bootlegs of both it and Rockman Megaworld floating about. Someone should start up a...
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    Region Lockout Bypass codes?

    This was pulled from an import FAQ off of GameFAQs: As much of a pain in the ass the GG is for running import games, for some machines there's no other choice. There's no way in hell I'm opening up my $250+ CDX and dicking around with a bunch of surface-mount resistor pads, especially when...
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    Genesis Cover Scan Request Thread

    Sure, why not? Thanks!
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    Genesis Cover Scan Request Thread

    I eventually found a scan of the Alien Soldier cover. Anyone have a scan of the Genesis Game Genie box? I'm going to need the front, the back and the spine if at all possible.
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    What's the crappiest Saturn game EVER?

    What's the crappiest Saturn game EVER? Dragonheart
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    Region free discs!

    Won't this mess up some games, though? Doesn't that file contain more than just region flags? What about games that don't have an IP.BIN file?
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    collecting md / gen games

    I still can't believe I own Alien Soldier. I got it off eBay for $28, which is an absolute miracle, even considering it's the PAL version.
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    Genesis Cover Scan Request Thread

    Bumping because I'm taking requests now. Here's the contents of my scan folder (in no particular order), let me know if you want anything from it: Castlevania_Bloodlines.JPG Beyond_Oasis.JPG Sonic_&_Knuckles.JPG Aquatic_Games.JPG Aladdin.JPG Phantasy_Star_4.JPG...
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    Genesis Cover Scan Request Thread

    As you all may or may not know, finding Genesis games complete in their plastic cases is not as common an occurence as it should be. The plastic cases themselves can be found if you know where to look, but the paper inserts are another story. I'm trying to find high-resolution (>144DPI)...
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    Problem with SMS Adapter

    That's exactly what's happening.
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    Problem with SMS Adapter

    My friend has a Game Gear and an SMS adapter. The Game Gear is perfect shape, but for some reason there's an odd flickering of the backlight or screen whenever SMS games are played. It's almost as if the Game Gear is thinking that there's no cartridge inserted. Is there any way around this?
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    Will the Japanese MegaCD save cartridge work with the US Sega CD?
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    How to fix a broken Genesis game?

    If it's broken, save it. You could use the case with that TotoTek flash cart, and the PCB might come in handy someday if you replace the dead ROM with a socket.
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    DragonHeart: Fire And Steel. Why does it suck? It's an in-house game by Acclaim. I need not elaborate. -duncan