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    Genesis Jukebox?

    Wow, now there is something new on my garage sale to find list
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    E3 sucked!

    I enjoyed Halo 2 footage and Metal Gear, I believe it was still enjoyable. Maybe a tad less than what I was hoping for because there usually is something that blows people away at E3.
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    Broadband users

    Awesome site to go:
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    Cheap Sega Games/Systems

    I'm still interested in the Sega CD...
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    LTB SNES or Genesis copyunits

    Err...what is a cd64 exactly? Please forgive me for my ignorance
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    LTB SNES or Genesis copyunits Has a Super UFO for the SNES
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    WTB: Sega CD!

    Thanks for letting me know. Keep me updated!
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    New buy/sell/trade idea...

    It's a good idea, hopefully there will be no subsciption fees or listing fees.
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    WTB: Sega CD!

    Hello there, I am looking for a Sega CD model 2. It must come with all the necessary tv hook ups, and a power supply. I do not need a Genesis since I already have one. The unit must be in full working order. Please note that I live in Canada! Thanks for looking