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    What dumpster diving will get you Neo64 with 3 games of your choice from 4... $295 And they are legit... I've got one and a Neo 6-slot from them
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    Shenmue III will be a movie! WTF!?

    Yep... and I still havn't finished Zwei yet... Changed my mind though... new software coming out for mod-chipped boxes
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    Shenmue III will be a movie! WTF!?

    No Shenmue 3? Time to sell my XBox....
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    How do you handle breaking up in a relationship?

    Casual sex helps... may sound fucked up but it does Also, do not touch the alchahol, only amplifies problems (Unlike weed, but thats a completly different story) Either that or just put yourself out there, they always seem like the perfect woman when you're in love, but then someone else comes...
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    PLAY CDR's IN XBOX! Yep, but the spiral starts at the outer edge of the disc and not the inner edge, as usual.[/b] Yeah, same as the DCs GD-ROMs
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    PLAY CDR's IN XBOX! 1. It spins it in the usual direction... open it up while it's on and watch it slow down 2+3 to the best of my knowledge, yep And it's on a DVD-9 format.. the laser won't read anything else
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    Yep, agree with mowgli again... all we're gonna get is posts about all kinds of crap like it was last time. This forum has been so much better since the FTP crap was gone. Can't we keep that shit at a seprate site? If you want your FTPs, go there..... this is pissing me off because the newer...
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    Oh great That seriously sucks... I was loving this place without it.. EDIT: I'm agreeing with Mowgli on the front page... I'm out until it's (hopefully) taken back down
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    I am now very, very scared...

    He said: It's marketed towards people who go to raves on ecstassy because they can relate
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    PSO Disappearing?

    Just buy it for GC
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    Theres like a bunch of tracks on the disc like of milliseconds in length that can't be recreated on a standard home burner. It makes the checks for them and boom! Rand should have liscensed out the protection on it... coulda made some more cash to fight Sony
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    I am now very, very scared...
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    Something is awry at the circle K...

    Most of these problems can be rectified by walking into a shop and BUYING these games... a forgotten art by some
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    Optical Illusion You need the sound up too as it uses the sound to enhance some illusions
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    CEX ... Your opinions plz

    yeah, kick arse.... I usually go for the free delevery option and it still gets here 9am next day
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    Looking for xbox to ps2 converter

    Yeah... you can use the PS2 pad on the XBox as well, which is a nice option
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    Optical Illusion

    Stare at the two center circles and move your head toward your screen. It's really weird when you print it.
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    Optical Illusion

    Yep, check this:
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    Optical Illusion

    Check it for yourself in paintshop... really weird
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    Resetting DC internal memory....

    You can't just leave it off, it has to be unplugged.... my DC was off for 6 weeks one holiday and was fine when I got back.... Anyways, you can earse the data or alter it with this tool here: