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    Good French Gaming Sites?

    Hey All, I have to find an article in French for one of my courses, and I would like to do one on gaming. What are some good gaming sites in French, particularly ones that have articles about gaming in France? I know that France supports the gaming industry, at least in terms of tax...
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    Where to get SNES flash cart?

    Hey All, I'm looking to get an SNES flash cart to play games on my actual SNES. I looked on tototek, but I am a little confused as to which thing to buy. Do I need to get a programming thing, or the SD7? Is there something better than what tototek offers? Thanks!
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    Might and Magic III

    Dibz, quick question: Do you run MM3 with OS9 or OSX? If with OSX, how do you set it up under classic mode (OS9 emulation)?
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    Might and Magic III

    I've been trying to get Might and Magic III to work on my Mac with Dosbox, but it isn't the greatest. I noticed that there is a genesis version of the game released. I downloaded it and tried it on an emulator, but when it tries to start a new game, it says that there is a dead battery. How...
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    Sega bought the Unreal 3 engine licence

    This makes me wonder what id's gonna do with their Doom3 engine. Most people consider Doom 3 to be a glorified tech demo (not me, though) and it's clear that the engine is to be the successor to the Quake III engine, which was used, a lot. Epic's pushing their engine a lot, and Valve going the...
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    PS2: The Red Star

    I remember playing a demo of the game a couple of years ago. I'm glad to see that it finally came out. I'll pick it up one of these days.
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    Oblivion 360 patch

    It's been three months since I played Oblivion. Yesterday, I started it up again, and saw that a new patch was being applied. The initial load time was long (probably because of cache issues), but afterwards I noticed a nice improvement graphics-wise. First of all, the game actually seems to...
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    Your XBOX 360 Live Gamer Tag

    Just like the namesake: Tsumake
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    What could have been...

    I hear all of this talk about "disc-streaming." Is the dreamcast capable of streaming data off a gd-rom, a la "GTA San Andreas?"
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    What could have been...

    I just finished God of War, and it got me thinking about the dreamcast. God of War (and God of War II) are basically swan-song titles for the the ps2. You could say the FFXII and these games basically got the most out of the system. I wonder....if the DC had somehow stuck it all these years...
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    Are any DVDs actually widescreen (instead of letterbox)?

    Hold a sec: I'm pretty sure that an anamorphic disc will automatically letterbox the film if played on a 4:3 set.
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    Lost Planet

    It's a good game. It's a simple run and gun affair, but the presentation is fantastic. If you have Xbox Live, I'd recommend downloading the singleplayer demo and trying it out. If you like multiplayer, be careful. I've heard it's hard to get into a game.
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    George Lucas and Steven Spielberg can kiss my shiny metal @$$

    Many critics consider Episode V to be the best. Here's a review from Amazon: "The Empire Strikes Back The middle film in George Lucas's enormously popular Star Wars science fiction trilogy is a darker, more somber entry, considered by many fans as the best in the series. Gone is the jaunty...
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    George Lucas and Steven Spielberg can kiss my shiny metal @$$

    Hmm... A rant about Indy? Anything to do with the upcoming new Indy film that was finally OK'd by Lucas? Well, I'd never, ever put much faith in whatever Lucas says, has said, or ever will say. He's a lucky SOB, period. I know everyone here (and there parents) love the Star Wars films...
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    Something I posted on Youtube

    The purpose was to retain visual rhythm.
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    Something I posted on Youtube

    Hey all, I posted a short little film I made about a year ago on Youtube: Enjoy.
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    Sonic and the Secret of the Rings for the 30/03/2007

    I quite liked SA1 as well. SA2, I couldn't stand. It should have been at least as tight as the first. How's this for a thought - Releasing a PSP port of SA1/SA2, or making another Sonic game in a similar vein? Considering that the PSP has the same graphical prowess as the DC.....What do...
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    Pretty neat sonic-like flash game

    That's a really nice game. The character animations are excellent. How did you hear of this title?
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    Sonic and the Secret of the Rings for the 30/03/2007

    Honestly, I think it was a miracle that Mario transitioned so well into 3D. Nintendo knows what they are doing. The Sonic Adventure games weren't bad, but let's face it; Sonic is a 2D game. It was designed very well in 2D - to translate it is difficult. It can be done, but Sega really needs...
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    SEGA iSmile