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    FS: XBox with Media Center 8.1 installed

    With a baby on the way, i have been selling off my game collection. This is the last item to sell. The X-Box is soft moded and includes the following items. I'm looking for $ 60 + s/h. My eBay ID is jeremyds77. 1.Xbox with stock HDD 2. Extra MS controller S 3. Psyclone component video...
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    Also, Phantasy Star 1 and Golden Axe Warrior are unlockable games.
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    FS: Saturn, Dreamcast, and others

    New items added and prices changed. Really looking to move the items. PM me with questions.
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    FS: Saturn, Dreamcast, and others

    Amon, unfortunately I was not able to wait until after Christmas. I did sell it to another buyer. I'm trying to make money to buy Christmas gifts this year.
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    FS: Saturn, Dreamcast, and others

    Yup. I bought it when it was released, but almost never played it. Let me know.
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    FS: Saturn, Dreamcast, and others

    Prices lowered on 11/28.
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    FS: Saturn, Dreamcast, and others

    All games include instructions and original cases unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include s/h. Prices are negotiable, especially if you are ordering multiple items. Check out eBay for my feedback, I'm listed under jeremyds77. PM me with questions. Sega CD ·Rise of the Dragon (CD +...
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    Modded Saturn

    No price is listed, as I'm not sure yet I want to sell it. I don't play mine and was just curious what to expect if I decide to sell.
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    Modded Saturn

    I am looking at possibly selling my modded US Saturn. Anyone know what these usually sell for? Also, are you able to sell them on eBay? Thanks.
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    Jack Thompson Disbarred

    I'm sure you are right. But at least IF he lost his license, it will deflate some of his influence.
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    Jack Thompson Disbarred

    About time. Thank you Florida!
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    Home Security Question

    I have a techie question. I am setting up a remote home surveillance system for a friend that is out of the country. Anyone have experience doing this? They have wireless high speed internet and the cameras seem easy to configure. I'm just curious about how well they work and if any brands...
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    Game Designer turns down royalties

    Ryuta Kawashim, creator of Brain Age, declined his royalty payment. He had all $11 million donated to the university he is employed by.
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    Sega launches Master System titles on Nintendo Virtual Console soon

    No. The SD slot only allows you to backup. Only photos can be run from the SD slot. That is one feature a lot of people are begging Nintendo to add.
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    Sega launches Master System titles on Nintendo Virtual Console soon

    So are Neo Geo games, and they are on th Wii. Eventually, they are going to have to launch either USB support for HDD or activate the CF slot. Currently, people with massive amounts of games end up swapping between their backup CF and the internal memory.
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    Sega launches Master System titles on Nintendo Virtual Console soon

    About damn time. Now if we could only get Sega CD too.
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    Planet Web 3.0 BBA fix

    Man do I wish I had a BBA for my DC.
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    Sega's Phantasy Star Series Turns 20 Years Old

    Yeah I'm talking about a US release of Gen 1 and Gen 2.
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    Duke Nukem Forever News!

    I see shades of Daikatana. A game everyone was anticipating for many years. Whenever it finally is released, it will be a terrible game.