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    What about this?

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    Dracula x: about slowdown! remains a great game though What a shame Konami didn't convert that for the DC.
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    Well this reeeaally sucks...

    Microsoft. Instread of letting Sega present Shenmue 2 for the Xbox at the the Sega set,the will present the game on the Microsoft stand... I hope Ryo doesn't get a Microsoft Jacket or something like this in the Xbox Version....just look at Sega GT 2002...Microsoft ads everywhere...
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    What about this?

    Since Sega is making games for many platforms now we could open a new part (like the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast ones) for Sega games on other consoles...there are a lot of hot Sega games that have been released and will soon be(Shinobi!!yeah!) so how about it? What do you think of that?
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    How to burn Last Bronx

    I tried to burn it myself back then when i bought my original and tried to change the region code...well i just bought an AR since i had enough of waisting cdrs.
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    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamm! Now Treasure said the will not release it...... read this: Japanese game news site Dengeki Online has reported that Treasure has made an official comment on their arcade shooter game Ikaruga, stating that its "Ports to home consoles are undecided at the present...
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    More Xbox news

    Why the #### should someone in Japan buy the Xbox? To play Halo?Since when do Japanese gamers like games like this?Most of the folks bought a Xbox to play Jet Set Radio Future and Dead or Alive 3 and thats it.. With the PS2 bombing hits monthly in Japan a starting console has no chance in...
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    Sega dreamcast outsells the Xbox.

    Japanese sales Chart: Gamecube 21.312 (25.03.2002 - 31.03.2002) 363.245 (Sold consoles in 2002) Xbox 5.157 (25.03.2002 - 31.03.2002) 190.092 (Sold consoles in 2002) You know what the funny thing is?That the Dreamcast isn't even in the weakly chart since the System is "dead"....
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    Sad Sad Sad....

    I have consoles from Sega to Sony,people should stop hating around on Sony because "they destroyed the DC's future" Sega really kill their consoles alone,arrrrrghh when i think of the new Streets of Rage they didn't want to publish because "noone knows the series". I bought a DC at its first...
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    Sega dreamcast outsells the Xbox.

    Well you know it isn't that the Dreamcast sells so good it's just that the Xbox sells awfull...they sold 10.000 consoles in two weeks where even the gamecube sold like around 100.000.... Sega should wait until profitability. Thats why i think they shoud start about a new console at the next...
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    Why we are a Sega Fans?

    Who said that? ;) ______________________________________ Well....Sega is great.They should really make a console again.We see what we get without Sega:A PS2 in a position selling as much as hotdogs,the Gamecube beieng really boring with too many releases of older PS2 games (except VF...
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    Sega dreamcast outsells the Xbox.

    Yup, Its true,the Dreamcast sells better than the Xbox in Japan for two weeks now.....this brings us to two points: No.1:The Dreamcast has a great fanbase in Japan(No wonder Ikaruga is coming :) ) No.2:The people in Japan don't want to have a microsoft console. ;) Toysrus Japan are starting...
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    Nights Burning Rangers VF2 Last Bronx Radiant Silvergun
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    DreamCast 2!!!! (its a truth or fake)

    Buahahahahaha! That was's aprils fools....too bad they only told that in the TV Show! ;)
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    Whats that new 2d arcade game everyone plays?

    Nope,no characters missing. Pablo means Marvel VS Capcom 2 however that is an arcade game that was only released on the Dreamcast as a home version.
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    This is how it goes:Ikaruga has been anounced for the PS2 too,so i think their just bringin it out for the DC fans that want it (in a limited number of games printed),and the PS2 Version is supposed to bring in the Sega did it with Space Channel 5 Vol. 2... It will have a 2 Player...
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    PS2 (Region 1 USA) and DVD on PAL TV (Germany)

    You have to do a RGB fix or get a DVD Region X,or you can get one of those RGB cables that are both RGB and normal AV cables and switch when a DVD is played. This was hammered to Sony after some people found out that when using an RGB cable you can copy the movies on tape when using some...
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    Quickest and Easiest way to..

    There is no natural way to destroy a PC...the only way to do it is by overheating,i mean without destroying any of the parts using brutal force :)
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    Somone is back here

    Iori is an incerdible of SNKs most original characters...