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    Soccer on dreamcast???

    Didn'T know you'd own a PS2, otherwise I'd have told you from the start to get Winning Eleven 7 or Pro Evolution Soccer 3. It's the most realistic soccer has ever gotten on a machine. The editing options are there, too. Grt it, quick, what are you waiting for? ^_^
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    Soccer on dreamcast???

    I don't know how lucky you can get in (South) America. Striving for a decent soccer DC game I bought just about every soccer game I could find here in Germany: Virtua Striker Totally arcade. Was the first one I got and only was fun when playing with other people, however no real soccer...
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    Shenmue US

    If you're saying 95% are you referring to the Utopia Bootdisc (sorry for my ignorance, but I never needed to use a bootdisc). If yes, you probably should try an Action Replay/Game Genie.
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    Sega cuts of DC Online Services this week

    Just a quick (maybe impossible) thought: If Sega's dropping the servers, the IPs or DNS the games used to connect to would become free, wouldn't they? Isn't there a way for some other group (or company) to get these and relive the servers at their cost? DC online gaming will never be a mass...
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    Thinking of Selling my DC Gun w/ Silent Scope feat

    I've got the same one. It works with all DC Lightgun games. It's got a switch to switch between normal, autofire/-reload and Silent Scope mode. I never played Silent Scope, why does it have to have an extra mode for that?
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    Personal Icons

    That wasn't hard to notice IMHO the coolest anime graphics in a game NOT based on an anime.
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    Worst game ever

    Well, I can't really speak for any console conversions, however I really digged Time Commando on the PC. It's still sitting in the shelf right beside me.
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    More Rumors of EA buyout of Sega

    My English is not thwe best, since I'm German, but didn't the article state, that the thing with EA would only happen to SEGA of America. Yeah, it would suck for the most of the people on this board, however it still would be undetermined what would happen to Sega JP and Sega EU, wouldn't it...
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    Whats in your saturn?

    Well sort of. Maybe not for the Saturn, but I prefer Skitchin on the Genny. When I looked in my Saturn, I noticed I didn't even need to open the lid, hence all 10 controllers were still connected. Saturn Bomberman rules
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    Can you use real Genesis controllers on your PC?

    Ditto I used my Gennycontroller on my Commodere C64 and it really ruled, since there were hardly any pads available for that machine. Well, you could only use the b button, but since the c64 only had one trigger, that was ok. Hey, I'm gonna turn on my C64 and play a game of Lazy Jones and...
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    What Genny game had the best GFX?

    Maybe not the best graphics, however one with great early graphics is/was Ballz. IIRC it even was the first 3D Fighter released to a home system. However the graphics were impressive because they were so versitile.
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    Nope, the Genesis Version is a real release. I've got the European Version right here. However I rembember it being tested in all the Game Mags here in Germany, but then the release was delayed for about 7 or 8 months. That really sucks, if you've preordered it If anyone wants pics for proof...
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    Sega Xtreme T-Shirts????

    I don't know, maybe I'm a major geek, but I would love the SX Logo in front underneath should be the URL and on the back it says "Where ALF is still in style" Some people may not like Black, but I think black can be worn with everything and never goes out of style, so I'd stick with that one...
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    Whats the funniest anime you have seen so far?

    Guys, gotta hand it to you, however I'm a sucker for Love Hina. It's like Tenchi without these annoying aliens
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    Whats the best place to buy saturn accessoriess

    I don't know, where you live, but if it's in Europe i'd reccomend
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    I'm not jumping up the ceiling either. I may be a lamer, but I prefer the late 80's, early 90's cartoon version of TMNT. The one that ran on Fox and later on on CBS around 1991/92. However I just can't get warm with this "dark design" from the comics (? Ida know, I just saw the cartoon) and the...
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    Which controllers burn the DC controller port

    I don't know how long it takes until they burn out, however I'm using a MadCatz for over a year now on mine and it stille works.
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    Oh fuck, bleem!...

    Make that 1 1/2. the post before was from 2001
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    Sonic The Hedgehog 3

    Long and good I might add. He didn't just let out his opinion, but did something that not many people are capable of (including me ): he named reasons that can't be tilted easily. If you could make a doctor in VideoGaming, this "essay" would definetly be a good start. I mean, dude, you...
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    Must Have Games

    I'd like to add one concerning fun racers, although nobody agrres with me: Stunt GP by Team 17 IMHO this game owns. I never had as much fun with a racer on a Sega System since MicroMachines Turbo Tournament '96 on the Genesis. But all other games mentioned above are really good picks.