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  1. fivefeet8

    uoYabause 2.4b released for Android WHAT'S NEW Tessellation for better distorted sprite drawing. If your device supports OpenGL ES AEP, you can use GPU Tessellation. FIX Graphics problem: * Three Dirty Dwarves is black screen. * Doukou menu selection is...
  2. fivefeet8

    uoYabause with Perspective Correction using Tessellation

    The author of the uoYabause, an Android branch of Yabause on PC with support for the more advanced OpenGLes3x rendering, has shown a few demos of his new idea to enable perspective correction into Sega Saturn emulation with a hardware renderer. "Sega Saturn...
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    Emulation News !!

    In other news: uoYabause 0.1.14 was released. WHAT'S NEW * Full Screen Mode * FIX [Dead or Alive] missing polygon * FIX [Golden Axe Duel] doesn't recognize XYZ button * FIX [Golden Axe Dual] character is not shown. * Workaround [Sonic R] RBG0 is not correct...
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    Emulation News !!

    Anyone care to post what's new with this version? I can't seem to find it on the site.
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    There are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers.

    There are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers.
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    uoYabause released for Android

    uoYabause was released recently for Android devices. It's a Sega Saturn Emulator that is branched from the Open Source Yabause emulator. The emulator uses OpenGL es3 to render and includes support for gamepad controllers. Did I mention it's FREE? Download it for your device below or use the...
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    hard drive problem

    If you want to post pics/screens, go to: Uploade it there, then link it back here directly into your post. Like this: [snip]
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    Some Satourne WIP news.

    "Hey everyone! I can't remember when was the last time I updated the website with news... I've been really busy the last couple of months but I was able to work on Satourne from time to time. It's time for you to see the progress! Without going too much in the details, here are some of the new...
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    Saturn Feature on

    Hehe. Anyone who is a Sega Fan pretty much knows that story. But for those who don't, the article is very informative. Brings a tear to my eye every time I play Virtual fighter 2 or Radiant Silvergun on my Saturn. :P
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    Streets of Rage 2 (a.k.a. Bare Knuckle II)

    One of the best if not the best beat em up of all time. In fact, I'm gonna play it after I post this. Extremely fun with 2 players. Also, how many people know of the Instant power drain bug/move in this game. ;) When you're in a 2 player game, try hitting the enemy form both sides. If...
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    Street Fighter Zero 3 / Street Fighter Alpha 3

    I've also had the chance to play both the PSx and Saturn version. The saturn version is definately a bit better. The 4meg ram card enabled the game to have all animation frames included and the load times are a lot shorter. The psx version has some missing frames of animation that is really...
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    PSO BB

    Can't seem to login to the server no matter what I do. I can't enter my login password at the title screen at all. I'm registered and activated. Anyone else able to login?
  13. fivefeet8

    N64 Retexturing projects.

    Rice's Video plugin, available to download, allows the user to export and import textures in and out of a regular N64 game(not the rom). The rom is unchanged itself, but when the game is running, the regular N64 textures are replaced by the enhanced ones on the fly. Once the ingame textures...
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    N64 Retexturing projects.

    Yeah, the cliffs were redone as well. Looks way better than the original. So as with the grass. ;)
  15. fivefeet8

    N64 Retexturing projects.

    Here's some updated Zelda OOT screens with current texture progress. ;) A redone Hylian Shield. More screenshots can be seen from other games here:
  16. fivefeet8

    N64 Retexturing projects.

    Looks like Star Fox 64 has begun getting retextured. Cool.
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    N64 Retexturing projects.

    You can check out more screenshots I took at this thread.
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    N64 Retexturing projects.

    A lot of interesting things have been happening in N64 emulation. Texture dumping and replacement within games are transforming old dull N64 games into something extraordinary. Progress has be slow but several games have had some of their ingame textures redone at higher resolutions and then...
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    TackMania Sunrise demo.

    Nice looking demo. Here are a few screens from my system. I like how this racing game uses what looks like stencil shadows for the car shadows. You can see many shadows rendered/animated at the same time from different light sources. These were done at 1280x1024, 4xAA/16xAF, all ingame...
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    some SEGA news

    I don't think the PPu will be that bad. The company and their PPU idea has already attracted some high profile developers. Unreal 3 will be able to use it. UbiSoft announces support for it.