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    I have a TNT2 with tv out, and it sucks... while the TV out options are good (TONS of resolution settings), and the actual card is good, it lacks duel monitor support. Sure, it gets the job done (I can see my MST3K on my tv ), but it'd still be much cooler to surf the net while doing so.
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    Arcade cabinets

    This is very possible. I dunno about having multiple consoles, but I know for a fact that putting a PS2 into a cabinet is not problem. Some simple soldering skill is needed to wire the PS2 controller to the arcade parts (I assume you want authentic parts, microswitch and all). You can order them...
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    Corpse Killer?

    They should have made Sewer Shark 2 as a Sega 32X CD game. IMHO, Sewer Shark was the best FMV game.
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    burned out segacd...

    er, got that backwards... chaotix would have the background and nothing else.
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    burned out segacd...

    Er, just so you know - If you don't have the cable hooking up the 32X's AV in to the Genesis AV out, then the game will look a bit messed up... with the exception of Chaotix, which has everything except the background (go figure).
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    Snatcher: CD-ROMantic

    HELL YES! A copy of all the text in the game.... it's in japanese, but thanks to alta vista, I might be able to translate it into engrish . If anyone wants to help, perhaps we could actually translate the game?
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    turboduo or turbo cd?

    I'd go for a PC Engine Duo. I have one, and it kicks ass. Buy a PC Engine Duo, or a Duo-R and you'll be set, my man.
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    Snatcher: CD-ROMantic

    ...but I don't want the sega cd or saturn versions. Censorship sucks. Besides, the PCE's 256 color pallet makes snatcher look ass-loads cleaner than the Sega CD's 64.
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    Snatcher: CD-ROMantic

    Er, I got Snatcher in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to an old issue of "Tips And Tricks", and a small faq someone wrote about the menu translation, I can play this awesome game. Still, it'd be much better if I had a real translation of the in game text. Any one know if there is a...
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    Snatcher help

    I recently bought snatcher for the PC Engine. I had heard there were lots of text dumps so I wasn't worried that I wouldn't be able to play the game. I got the game today and tried to play... boy was I shocked. The text dumps are sorta useless to me. Urgh... seems to random. Sooooo, Since...
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    Truemotion -> Avi?

    I want to change it from TM avi into a DivX 5 avi so my friend, who uses linux, can see it. YOu see, TMplay won't work under linux, and he wants to see the Sonic CD ending from Sonic Jam. I would convert to DivX 5 on the fly, but my computer has a nasty habit of dropping frames when converting...
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    Truemotion -> Avi?

    I can't seem to convert from truemotion avi into raw, uncompressed avi. I use TMPlay's convert feature, and indeed, it makes a 489 meg file, yet it can't be played by anything. Any ideas?
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    Anyone reconise this?

    I think it's a joke. RevQuixo said he could change Sega Xtreme to a Pico only site if he wanted, I asked if he really did, and he laughed. Maybe this is a reference?
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    Funny thing in Street Fighter Alpha 2

    parries = evil Counters ALA Virtua Fighter = Video game greatness
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    Funny thing in Street Fighter Alpha 2

    parries = evil Counters ALA Virtua Fighter = Video game greatness
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    1st Change at SX

    heheh.... you'd never do anything stupid like making this a pico site would you?
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    1st Change at SX

    How about this for a reason: The sega Xtreme staff doesn't want them? That alone should be enough reason, but if you want another... Sega is still shutting down websites that contain DCISOs. I would be XTREMELY Pissed (pun inteneded), if Sega Xtreme was shut down simply because some dumbass...
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    I don't own any rare saturn games, so my rarest game I own would be Lunar: The Silver Star. I own the RARE 7th CD, which I bought in a quite lucky deal on ebay, where the seller didn't know what he had and sold it with "Buy it now" for $50. My actual rarest pariphial would have to be the SMS...
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    Best Saturn Games?

    not one of ya listed NiGHTS... tsk tsk. here I go: 1. NiGHTS 2. Christmas NiGHTS 3. Dracula X 4. Fighters Megamix 5. Shining Force 3
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    Sonic Xtreme

    no. Sonic Jam's Sonic world and sonic Xtreme are nothing alike. Sonic Xtreme was akin to Knuckles Chaotix I.E. you could run on walls as if there was a sphere in space. Also, Sonic Xtreme used 3D backgrounds with everything else being a 2D sprite. If anything, Sonic Jam's world seems like an...