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  1. Merc248

    Top 5 dreamcast games

    in no particular order: grandia II skies of arcadia soul calibur sega gt nfl2k i guess
  2. Merc248

    Best Saturn Games?

    dragon force shining the holy ark radiant silvergun panzer dragoon saga (only 10 min into the game... which means the cinematics, but im blown away so far :p) capcom generations 5 (because it has all the old school street fighter II games :D)
  3. Merc248

    Sega Saturn Differences (Diff Models)

    round buttons are better if you also want to mod that saturn, since the mod chips for the older models (the oval buttons) are pretty much nonexistent. im sure that installing the switch mod will be exactly the same for the round button saturns, but it might be better to get either an ST-key or...
  4. Merc248

    Shoulda been a video game!

    enders game might make an alright game... ok, maybe not, since the book is basically just ender training in some stupid battle simulation (well, the book is good, but the battle simulation part would be the only part that could be used in a game)
  5. Merc248

    swap trick

    well, i just got the sega saturn i won in a bid, and its a frigging model 1 with 20 pins for the CD cable... so, i have to stoop down and go with the swapping trick i was just wondering how long a sega saturn would last if say i played a few game 8 hours a day by doing the swapping trick...
  6. Merc248

    soldering help

    arg... im not brave enough to find out if its electrically conductive or not im just gonna go with soldering it on...
  7. Merc248

    soldering help

    oh yeah... i got a quick question before my sega saturn arrives i heard that the power cable you have to solder doesnt even need to be soldered, but instead can be taped in w/ electrical tape. i was just wondering if duct tape will be fine also, since i dont have any electrical tape... and...
  8. Merc248

    sega cd emulation

    with gens, i think the naming convention is lunar.iso, then lunar 01.mp3 (be sure that space is in there), etc.
  9. Merc248

    sega cd emulation

    with gens, i think the naming convention is lunar.iso, then lunar 01.mp3 (be sure that space is in there), etc.
  10. Merc248

    is my saturn 20 or 21 pin?

    circle buttons are always 21 pin...
  11. Merc248

    Question... PLEASE HELP ME!

    *slaps hand on head in shame* theres no 'automatic' way to translate a game
  12. Merc248

    Question... PLEASE HELP ME!

    nope, it wouldnt change, it just allows your sega saturn to accept the CD as if it was a domestic game
  13. Merc248

    soldering help

    sweet... thanks for all the help guys... i still gotta get that desoldering braid before monday, the day that my saturn comes in :>
  14. Merc248

    burning the security track...

    well... i dont get how writing letters could equal the security track... ok, maybe if you write 'SATARN SECUARITY TRCAK STRATS HRER!!!!1111' in huge letters, you might be able to get past it
  15. Merc248

    emulation isoz

    first of all, you wont be able to play radiant silvergun at all on an emulator, if u get it to run at all though, expect it to run at 5 fps. second, are u talking about a bios file? i only got the american bios, u gotta search for a japanese one on the internet i think.
  16. Merc248

    gah, stupid auction at ebay

    sweet, its in transit :p
  17. Merc248

    gah, stupid auction at ebay

    damn... i was worried for a while... thanks for confirming that w/ me, i already contacted swapusa last night though :p
  18. Merc248


    well... theres always the mod board... :p