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    BIG problem with SMALL pixels!

    Thanks M3d10n! After reading your post, I decided to swap my Genny to a older Model 1 Genny, and it works fine!
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    BIG problem with SMALL pixels!

    Unconnected, cleaned with White Vinyl Eraser and Canned Air, reconnected, and it worked for about half a level of Mickey Mania, after which it slowly turned to crap again. Next step, opening the Sega CD itself and cleaning...
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    BIG problem with SMALL pixels!

    My Sega CD is dying, and I was hoping that maybe someone can help stopp it from it's fate. See, my Sega CD (Model Two) is having problems with what seems to be loading graphics. Every so often, it screws up loading graphics, and will display partial graphics with a pixel or two showing up black...
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    Best mp3 ever

    This is the funniest thing I've ever heard.
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    Playing Game Gear on Genesis

    I'm sorry about that last comment. Here: I myself, don't see a point in putting that much effort to play GG games on the Genesis.
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    Playing Game Gear on Genesis

    Even if you *CUOULD* do this successfully, there's not really much point. I don't know of any Game Gear games tat ACTUALLY are good enough to go through all this effort, correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Playing Genesis ROMS on Mega CD + RAM Cart

    If you'd have looked above the SegaCD forum title, you would've seen this. I think that should help.
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    Track Listing for Sonic CD?

    Thank you. It's probably just a screw up with my copy of Gens. I'll just bun it with that track listing.
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    Has this ever been thought of?

    Sure, it didn't have that long a run, or a large selection of games. But it did have Knuckled Chaotix, and the Sega logo branded on it, so I wonder, why is there not a 32x section on SegaXtreme?
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    Track Listing for Sonic CD?

    Never mind. Now the space in between Palmtree Panic (Present) and Palmtree Panic (Good Future) is two tracks long. I'm now more and more beginning to think this is a problem with Gens, and not with the actually ISO or tracks.
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    Track Listing for Sonic CD?

    I just updated to Gens ver. 2.11 and I think it solved my problems.
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    Track Listing for Sonic CD?

    For the past couple days, I've been downloading all the mp3s from the Sonic CD Japanese soundtrack. Then I ripped an ISO of my copy of Sonic CD (US) and am now replacing the songs with their Japanese/European counterparts. I've come to a dead end though, and I was hoping someone could help me...
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    Would like to update the Riping "how-to"

    Agreed. Although I will gladly accept ISO/MP3, I much rather prefer BIN/CUE
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    Mine is Tails!
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    Off topic but funny.

    Will the bowl of Petunias think: "Oh no, not again..."?
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    sonic cd not so fabulous

    Sonic CD is excellent. I love both US and Jap/Eur music (though the latter is preferrable)!
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    Hideo Kojima, Capcomtinuity and general confusion

    I myself don't really care. I concider the Snatcher and Metal Gear timelines to be seperate from each other. Mmyes.
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    sonic cd jap experimentH

    Ah, cool! And I don't have to worry about coasters. I made about 10 of them trying to get Snatcher to work (audio sync up problems).
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    sonic cd jap experimentH

    What does that do exactly? Just make the game english? I'm looking for a Sonic CD Japanese ISO right now.
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    Snatcher and Bladerunner

    Yea, I was amazed at the similarities between BR and Snatcher. Alas I have only seen the Blade Runner: Director's Cut, which is apparently crap compared to the original. WHY hasen't someone released the ORIGINAL Blade Runner on DVD yet?? Another big similarity is that of the Snatchers and the...