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    Genesis Colour Specs? Includes MD1536.bin (the 1536 color demo) and several other test roms.
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    Flux for Mega-CD audio visualizer

    You just now heard about Flux? You so crazy.
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    backup memory structure

    You mean, the guys at Sega were NOT psychic? D'oh!
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    backup memory structure

    Correction to the order of data and the reference year (epoch) in the first post: Also, for clarity, I'd say: Something like that. The value in question, 0x008246A0, corresponds to 1996/3/26 0:00, which pretty much coincides with the passing of Comet Hyakutake. As far as easter eggs go...
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    backup memory structure

    It's just a ordinary zero-terminated list. There's no fixed header size -- the header will expand as necessary. Example: a 4-block file starting at block 2 (note, blocks 0 and 1 are the reserved blocks). Immediately following the data size in the file header: 0003 0005 0006 0000 Note, the...
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    backup memory structure

    When you create a file that's large enough to span multiple blocks, the block numbers must be stored. This is important in case the blocks are noncontiguous.
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    Name of unknown Millennium 2000 song…

    From the Zorba ballet suite, "Le Meurtre de la Veuve (Murder of the Widow)".
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    No. I should've explained this better (whenever that was). Within the MAIN BIOS (which, BTW, I refer to as the BOOT ROM), there are two compressed SUBCPU BIOS's: one is an almost normal CD BIOS like you'd find inside the Sega CD BOOT ROM, and the other is the LD BIOS. The LD BIOS is...
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    Wanted : MasterAkumaMatata (36 Highscores)

    Despite the protests. I couldn't agree with you more.
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    Dumping MPEG Card Bios

    OK. I think I was thrown by the name of the function. CdUnlock initializes the drive, which must be done for disc access. Discs with the Sega IP.BIN need the security ring to be verified before data can be read. I'm still not sure if it's needed here, but it couldn't hurt.
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    Dumping MPEG Card Bios

    Actually, I don't think you have to worry about that unlocking thing, though you can find the function, CdUnlock(), in Rockin'-B's tutorial (at the end) as well as other places. From the info I've gathered, the lockout only prevents the reading of data from bootable Saturn discs (until a disc...
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    Dumping MPEG Card Bios

    That error means the transfer command (0xE2) failed, though it doesn't really tell why. That function will check for and authenticate the MPEG card (returns 0 if OK). It probably should be called first, if only to verify. Also, I'm not sure if you need to unlock the drive as well since the...
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    Web hosting

    For the record, I've had my account for 4-1/2 years to date. As long as Xythos doesn't suddenly go out of business, I'm sure all will be fine.
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    Web hosting

    I use Sharemation by Xythos. Just 5MB but it'll definitely give you what you're looking for.
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    MegaDrive Super Power Gun?

    A big gun that says "FAMILY". Just what I've been looking for! :laugh: I don't see the words "Gun Fighter". I see "Game Gun", "Sonic 3", "Shinobi 3", and "Street Fighter Turbo", all of which don't seem very game-gun-related except possibly "Game Gun". But I'd be more concerned that the...
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    Need help w/possible Tempo 32x debugger

    Of course, I thought the name sounded familiar. Incidentally, Kolibri was the first 32X ROM I examined and that was a while back. At any rate, glad I could help once more, you're very welcome.
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    Need help w/possible Tempo 32x debugger

    I don't know how useful it is, but it's kinda fun. It allows you to edit any of the Genesis-side graphics. You can unlock it by changing the word at $07D578 to $4E71 (instead of $4E75). I don't know if there's a better way to access it, though. To enable/disable the debugger, hold A+B+C...
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    Help viewing / converting unknown format Saturn images

    Do you know which game it is from?
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    Shadow Dancer - boss (girl with saw blades)

    I don't know what made me think of this but here's a demo: And while I'm at it... I'm guessing she's a daemon so I'm not sure you can determine her age since she's probably immortal. But definitely over 40. Yes? Maybe? Sorry, I don't know much...
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    Saturn BIOS Dump

    The BIOS is loaded to 0x0 thru 0x7FFFF and is mirrored at 0x80000 thru 0xFFFFF. All normal BIOS access occurs at 0x0 thru 0x7FFFF.