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  1. AyeYoYoYO

    The Best Dreamcast Games!

    When OP said the list would be broken down by genre, I figured it may help some, to see my ranked list of games, in genre’d nested folders, which made it onto the TerraOnion M.O.D.E. In my Dreamcast: I tried to get each genre to a top 9, when possible, since the M.O.D.E. nested folders displays...
  2. AyeYoYoYO

    Postal for Sega Dreamcast - Alpha Build First Look

    Haha a friend of mine loves this game and will be shocked to hear it’s coming to our dreamcasts !
  3. AyeYoYoYO

    [v1.0 Released] English Translation Patch of "Rainbow Cotton".

    God bless the great Derek Pascarella for this beautifully translated & patched GDI !
  4. AyeYoYoYO

    Interest Check: SegaXtreme Collaborative Project

    Pardon me if I don’t understand the limitations or scope of the initial request, but would any of the following arcade gems be do-able for our beloved Saturns ? Or would most of these require Dreamcast power to run them ? Konami: Metamorphic Force Bucky O’Hare Mystic Warriors Wild Cowboys of...
  5. AyeYoYoYO

    Translating Cotton 2

    Supreme and sincere props for this undertaking my dude !
  6. AyeYoYoYO

    Translating Capcom's already translated titles?

    A thousand salutes for this !
  7. AyeYoYoYO

    Bulk Slash English localization project

    “Regional localization” of these types of projects, with overdone Chicago, NYC, Boston, Texas, and west coast stoner accents per suitable character, would be MF LULZ
  8. AyeYoYoYO

    Radiant Silvergun in English

    As reading this thread, it occurred to me that assembling voice talent for full translation is indeed costly and time consuming, and how fun it might be to just temporarily fill the spaces with comic relief from films such as SPACEBALLS, Orville, etc. Radiant Silvergun probably wouldn’t be the...
  9. AyeYoYoYO

    A collection of links for various efforts to translate Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari

    I have heard from several people more SEGA AF than myself, that the Spanish translation is nearing completion? And maybe English will follow behind about a year later ?
  10. AyeYoYoYO

    Translating Dracula X / SOTN Beta V1.02

    This AF