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    Need help burning, I am retarded

    Hi, I've got a quick question. I just downloaded a game, and it is .cdi extension. I tried to put it in on a search engine, but that didn't help. Can someone please tell me what program I need to use? thanks
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    Speaking of card games, is this around?

    Okay, I tried to find some mirror page, but couldn't find jack on questria. I did, however, was able to find some other games Balamb Garden- This is an online version Triple Triad Gold- sorry...
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    Speaking of card games, is this around?

    Hey There's a online version of the game. i've never played it myself, but it's supposed to incoporate both FF 8&9's rules and cards. It's called questria, and you can find more info here
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    How I park my car!

    lol, that's from shaolin soccer. I personally liked iron head in that movie. And Viki Zhao is pretty cool. :0
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    Burning Saturn ISOs with Nero

    You use a cue sheet with it. That's how I do it
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    Also, 1 billion people that doesn't have clean access of water. 2 billion whom do not have electricity. 3 billion that have never used a telephone before. And, the telephone is about 100 years old!! I don't like the kind of world I live in where people are lucky to be born with an abudance...
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    /me am moron. Actually, I think it's the top 1% owns 90% of the wealth. GRRR stimulus package. "Economic Apartheid in America" -Morey
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    I am going to die soon.

    I do not have anything constructive to say, rather some thoughts I am thinking about right now and please take no offense to my crazy views: I am saddened by this news and use the cliche of "I am sorry." "100 years as sheep or a day as a lion?" I really don't know how to respond to this...
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    Shining The Holy Ark in PDX thrift store

    ha, I actually live about a mile away from that location, I think. It's the one near near the hawthorne bridge, or is it the one on 122nd? Actually, i've got the game. LOL, maybe I'll let you borrow it or something or I can make a burn of it :p (Edited by morey at 11:18 pm on Jan. 15, 2002)
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    Happy New Year Dudes !

    Dude, That's terrible. Sober in New Years Eve? Sounds like an oxymoron :p If anyone cares, I must say I had an amazing road trip the past few days. Went to Vancouver, B.C. It took about 700 miles round trip, but well worth it. Polished off a magnum of sparkling wine. Good stuff. Now I need to...
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    converting iso' country codes

    Ah yes, Sierra Games. I think Kings Quest IV was one of my favorites, espically that one part in the dark cave where you had to run quickly.
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    Does anyone want to be a child again ?

    If you are refering that to me, may I ask as to what I have done to offend thee?
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    Does anyone want to be a child again ?

    heh some people still act like kids around here :p J/K
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    action replay plus 4mb

    I see. Thank you, Mal. This shuffling of games will be a bitch with Shining Force 3, because I can only put two games in the system at one time, and I've got about twenty saved games!
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    action replay plus 4mb

    I just bought this action replay plus 4mb cartridge. I put it in, see the cheat menu, okay. Next, I copy some saved games from the system to the cart. Next, I load a game, but the cartridge itself is not being registered by the system. I couldn't access my saved games in the AR. Next, I went to...
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    Favourite movie?

    9 and a half weeks
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    Anime suggestion?

    Dragon Ball is loosely based on the Chinese folk Tale Journey to the West. I suggest you read that. Also, a good anime to watch would be Legend of Arislan
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    A Perfect Example

    yeah, square seems to be like the frengi rules of acquisition: (282) Business is like war; it's important to recognize the winner
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    Where can I buy a modded Saturn?

    you can go to to buy one for a hefty price. IF you don't know how to sodder, I suggest you ask an electronics guy to do the job for you. Also, I hear taping the mod chip works
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    shining force question

    IIRC, you cant sell any items that affect the story line. So it is possible that it is your inventory from your reserve characters, or haven't got it yet