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    Any Sailor Moon fans?

    I think i still got it somewhere on a CD ( Sailor Moon Porn Hentai ) .. when i find it ill upload on a FTP and post it down here for your horny eyes :biggrin:
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    Video game comic strips

    Hello .. how many strips you got .. if i give u FTP would u upload for me plz ?
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    Games u've been ripped off by...

    Should the f*ck up Service Games .. FF7 rocks .. :biggrin:
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    Sweetest looking console controller and cartridge

    The best controler should be Dreamcast one .. cartrige is 32x i think .. console is Dreamcast .. And by the way Fabrizo you got nice sig ..
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    Best Video Game EVER

    Hey Greg .. you should read the stuff section .. didnt you see what he said .. he said he makes the comics using illustrator 9 .. he doesnt draw them by hand.. and believe me using illustrator is a lot easier .. maybe you should give it a try if you have illustrator ..
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    Best Video Game EVER

    Alright man thanx for the info smart ass Greg :biggrin: By the way .. i donno why but i have a feeling that your Greg the webmaster of that makes these cool comics that I spend hours reading one by one .. i donno maybe from your attitude or something .. weird feeling , huh ?
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    Whats your day job?

    Oh well .. ill tell you how we sell .. if want one $12 .. if 4-5 then 9$ .. if 6-10 $7.50 .. if 11-16 $6.50 .. if more than that then its $4.80 .. but if someone wants a special amount then we make a special price .. but since ur such a smart ass with many posts .. and I joined before you and...
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    Best Video Game EVER

    No i mean .. what happened to them ?.. whats the story ?.. why were they sold ?.. when ?.. how ?
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    Whats your day job?

    Hehe .. dont tell me you believed that .. lol .. If I was FBI ull be all busted for sexual harrasment :biggrin: .. in real i work in mod chips for PSX , PS2 , PS1 .... etc ..
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    Games u've been ripped off by...

    Bought a hacking game for my PC which was so touch. I only finished the first 3 levels and the whole game was 30 .. :biggrin: Also i bought some EA style Genesis/Mega Drive games which suck .. and once bought a new mega drive and then realized that it cant play most of the Genesis games.
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    Good Email Service

    I got 100+ MB Webhosting accounts with unlimited traffic ... if anyone wants to send big files .. email me and ill give you temp accounts to send the files and download them ..
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    Whats your day job?

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    Any Sailor Moon fans?

    Cloud121 .. your so weird ? you like Cloud and Sailor Moon .. i watched Sailor Moon once in my life .. and it wasnt even normal .. it was a porn hentai .. :biggrin: (Edited by Death at 11:36 pm on Oct. 16, 2001)
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    Best Video Game EVER

    Nice choise of games .. but i think not many people consider these games as the best games ever ? and whatsup with that thing?
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    Good Buy?

    Ram cart is ok .. but all stuff's price together is not that special .. also its depending on the condition of the stuff ..
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    Are PSX fans as nuts about their system as Sega owners?

    SOMEONE IS JEALOUS .. you got a point with that .. I do got arcades .. and dude i dont even got a camera anymore .. everytime i get internet Gift Certificates and buy one i go sell it on ebay to buy another game for my collection .. however .. after the bombing in the WTC i find it kinda hardly...
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    What the #### ... i posted in the wrong topic .. i had two browsers opened .. hehe .. sorry about that ..
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    Favourite game music

    Yeah your right .. its been more than a week or something .. i am glad i managed to download everything before everything went down .. ( I mean everything i need, not the whole section )
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    Where'd it go?

    You are speacial :) and smart ..
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    As seen on TV, Film and Theater

    Fabrizo yeah man .. me too .. some people play them and LOVE them .. some people even play only sport games .. when i was looking for stuff on ebay .. people were selling 30-40 sport games that they used to play .. but others not into the sports much .. like me .. i dont play sports .. cars...