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    The seamy underbelly of Sega

    This is written by a fellow, who later turns out to have worked for Sony and Sega. This is from 2007, mind you. Analysis here Some choice snippets: “Sonic Team are a relic from a past age who have overstayed their welcome. For the same marketing reasons that their name was initially kept (and...
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    Sega to Publish the Conduit

    Sega is bringing the much anticipated FPS to the Wii. Notes from Shacknews here. Quoting the full press release: SEGA gets zapped by HIGH VOLTAGE With The conduit SEGA to Publish Highly Anticipated Wii Title in Spring 2009 LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (TBA, 2008) -SEGA® of Europe Ltd. and...
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    Within a Deep Forest This is a freeware opensource game. It is *absolutely fantastic*. It's small puzzle/physics game. It's definitely a hard game, but the gameplay is rewarding. It's also massive, and a great timewaster. I haven't tried any of the...
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    Heroes: The Thread

    Anyone else watching this fantastically decent TV show? Thoughts? Issues with the plot? Queries?
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    Game Over for Arcades?

    MSNBC ran an interesting article about businesses that won't be here ten years from now. Rounding out the list were arcades: Coin-operated arcades With Nintendo Wii, casual gaming online and the Xbox 360, the video game arcade industry is thriving, but not the standalone brick-and-mortar...
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    NeoGeo on the Wii For only $9 a pop, they're cheaper than the original NeoGeo games AND whatever ports made it to the Genesis/SNES. Sin and Punishment is already available in Japan (Neo Geo is selling games in Japan via VC as of this month).
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    Sonic on Robot Chicken

    Sonic the Hedgehog on Robot Chicken: For those unaware, Robot Chicken is a claymation show on Cartoon Network, airing during Adult Swim (usually in the middle of the night). Here is the whole episode...
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    What franchises?

    In the spirit of Nights and Sonic and the Secret Rings, what franchises would you like to see reborn/redone? Burning Rangers - you know, Gun Valkyrie reminded me of this game. Xbox 360 or PS3 Shinobi - not that PS2 controller smashing fest. Something that mixes fun and skill, like Shinobi...
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    Sonic RPG Hype

    Here's an article discussing the possibly forthcoming yet to be named Sonic RPG: Interesting read. I like how Sega has decided they're going back to the original sonic, not this stupidly contrived one that was force fed down our throats for the...
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    PS2: The Red Star

    Has anyone played "The Red Star" yet? The basic history of the game is that was about to be released three years ago, the company went bankrupt, then just a few weeks ago they decided to release the game but without any fanfare. It's a $20 game, new. It's a beat 'em up slash shooter, which is...
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    Ten Worst Selling Consoles of All Time It's notable because four of the ten are Sega products - the Sega CD, 32X, Saturn and Dreamcast.
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    Sonic and Mario Team Up!

    For the first time, Sonic and Mario team up! Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Basically it's track and field / officially licensed Olympics 2008 game but with characters from both the Sonic and Mario Universes including Luigi, Knuckles, Yoshi, Tails, and others not mentioned. Official...
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    Not news, but an interesting rumor

    Saturn Titles coming to the VC? It's something interesting to think about. I'm pretty sure this rumor is dead in the water, as Saturn games are much too big for the Wii's internal memory - but there are those USB ports (external harddrive)? Any thoughts?
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    Completely off-topic

    I'm thrilled, so hey, why not. On February 4, 2007 at 5.27, Nora was introduced into the world. And her lucky father? Me! :rock: I'm in love. :D
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    Pretty neat sonic-like flash game

    Threads just kind of died, here's something that should hopefully perk some interest: It's a hand drawn flash game with a great deal of inspiration from Sonic, so it seems. That, and it's pretty damned cool.
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    Combining Forums

    Perhaps it's just me, but it would probably spur discussion if there's only a few forums to visit instead of a bunch at a time - and since there isn't too much activity, new threads probably won't get pushed to the bottom very quickly. That being said, does anyone have any thoughts on which...
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    Ten Sega Classics Now Available for the Wii

    These games include Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Ristar, Golden Axe, Columns, Ecco the Dolphin, Gunstar Heroes, Space Harrier II, Toe Jam & Earl, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. They start at 800 points a piece (roughly $8 a game). You *can* use Gamecube controllers to play Virtual...
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    Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars announced

    Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars has been announced for the PSP. A new feature will allow players to play competitively or co-op. No other platforms appear to have been announced. It should be out sometime hopefully this summer of 2007. Article here.
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    Five New VC Games for the Wii

    Sega has announced five new virtual console games for the Wii, purchaseable through the Wii store. These include 'Gain Ground', 'Biohazard Battle', 'Bonanza Brothers', and the two I'm most excited about 'Comix Zone' and 'Streets of Rage'. Game synopsis and more info here.
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    Streets of Rage for the PS2

    Did this game already come out? I read in some places that it was out in 2004, and in other places it never came out. Is there a complete list of what Sega Ages did come out? Thanks in advance!