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    Sega Saturn repair service anywhere available?

    9-12 months? are you using dollar store batteries? when my Saturn was new - I never once replaced the battery. And I played it straight from 1995 to around 2001... Meanwhile, I will never be able to recover the save games I had. Also, I have the save backup cart too, and I used it - but the...
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    Hour+ documentary about Bug!

    I really enjoyed the video - not my favorite game, but the history behind it and why it ended up being the way it is is pretty interesting! All of these early Saturn games had similar development issues, but it's pretty apparent now that the surprise launch date was probably the single biggest...
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    Stellar Assault SS English localization project

    Can't wait to try this! I played through it originally in Japanese back in the 90s, and found it really hard to understand what was going on, which probably made the game seem harder than it really is..
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    libslinga API Feedback

    Thanks for making this, I really want to test it - it seems like such a basic function that also is a waste of time to re-invent for every project! As far as time and date code, it's amazing how a basic part of life is such a giant pain in the ass when it comes to computers and programming...
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    Getting Started

    Jo Engine is the obvious place to start, although there are other SDKs in active development. It does a lot of things and many people have used it, or built on top of it (which itself is built on top of SGL). For testing, I'd just use an emulator. It takes like 10 seconds to compile some...
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    Get internal clock date and time ?

    That's perfect, thanks! I ended up getting satisfying results from jo_random(). With more tinkering, I found and fixed several errors in my game logic, and was getting about what I would expect with a coin flip distribution wise. I looked at the joengine source code, and the "seed" value...
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    Get internal clock date and time ?

    Holy old post Batman.. but it figures the only information I can find on pulling the system time from the Saturn is here, haha. I haven't fully parsed the examples above - but it appears to me that joengine has no method for pulling the Saturn system time by default? Am I missing something...
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    Sega WWS23 Update Mod

    I haven't tried it yet, but this is a pretty cool looking hack. WWS '98 was one of my favorite Saturn games, I played it well into the early 2000's. The other sports game that comes to mind for a roster update is WSB '98.
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    how 3d saturn? : look here for one way to do it

    This is great, thanks! - the demo code that comes with Jo Engine is helpful, but it's a little bare bones. This looks like there's a lot more structure to actually coding something beyond drawing a few sprites, plus being able to use blender is helpful too :)
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    A Saturn Programming Challenge

    Probably, but who knows? There must be many things people have never tried. I think part of what attracts people to the Saturn indie scene is the possibility of "what if?". Saturn developers in 1995 had a lot going against them - bad managers, time crunch, poor support, lack of tools, little...
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    A Saturn Programming Challenge

    A related topic I've been thinking about for a while - how about developing some sort of standard Saturn benchmark suite that could be used to test this kind of stuff? Basically a standard demo (or several demos) of typical tasks - polygons per second, textured fill rate, sprite manipulation...
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    Question about US Saturn with PAL games

    I appreciate the link, because I think I have honestly passed on many good versions of PAL games because I didn't think they'd run as well as NTSC games, but now that I think about it most of them would be fine, since the difference is really in the TV, not the game itself. thinking about that...
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    Question about US Saturn with PAL games

    Doesn't the 50hz switch only matter if you're using it with a 50hz TV? I think you can just play your PAL games on your 60hz TV and not think about it, because your Saturn is already wired for 60hz. Most of the games weren't reprogrammed for 50hz, so they just ran slower, but should run...
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    A Saturn Programming Challenge

    Funny enough, Fighters Megamix ruined VF3 for me when I got the Japanese launch day Dreamcast. Of course I got VF3, and of course the graphics were pretty good. But I'd basically already played a better version of it on the Saturn (gameplay wise), with much more variety and different modes to...
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    How to encode videos to be played on real hardware?

    it doesn't really matter how you make your disc, without some way to bypass the copy protection, it's not going to boot even if it's otherwise completely valid. With the age of Saturn disc drives, I really don't recommend the swap trick - which isn't even fool proof on it's own. On the other...
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    How to encode videos to be played on real hardware?

    You need a flashcart (like PSK) or an ODE to play non-official games.
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    Texture coordinates on the Saturn!

    I'd put up money for an open source code example of the original idea, much less these advanced ideas - I understand XL2's idea in concept, but as far as actual coding, I have no idea where I'd start. I keep thinking about Dural in VF2 and more technically, Fighters Megamix, since it actually...
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    Doom 32X: Resurrection

    It's funny you mention that because I've thought many times of ditching my Netlink modem in the past as "useless" but it appears holding onto it for software to catch up is the better play. I had a Taisen cable back in the day (and 2 Saturns and 2 TVs and games to play it with) and honestly, I...
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    Need help with setting up my tool chain.

    I didn't presume anything. The Saturn being a frustrating machine isn't exactly news - but I hope you are able to find the info you're looking for and wish you luck on your Saturn projects!
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    Need help with setting up my tool chain.

    Getting the Saturn to display anything at all is hard enough with a library like Jo engine (which is built on top of SGL). Doing everything in assembly sounds like an exercise in frustration. The Saturn technical docs are stored in the Resources section if you want to download them.