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    Scratched song

    Track 18 - It doesnt really matter, from the metropolis street racer soundtrack sound scratched at min 2:02 . I can live with that; but if you can fix this... (I don't think it is a download error)
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    how to get access to a router configuration?

    Hi again I want to keep some ports open for my Greatspeed GS-R250S; but it is rented from my ISP, so they don't allow me to change their default configuration. So, I need to know if there is a way to have access to the configuration ( without resetting the router (I would lose the...
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    How do I keep ports open

    Hi, I finally have broadband (256kb adsl) after years of having 28.8/33.6kb modem connection. Everything is working fine (games, http, ftp, p2p); but I get a message in a irc fserver that I must have port 59 open. So, I need help to resolve this issue. The adsl router is a greatspeed...
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    Here you can see what spiralmax is. I want to know if that thing actually improves a car's performance.
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    how to change joystick sensibility

    Hi I use the EMS USB2 adapter (ps2 -> pc adapter) in a winxp pc. It works great (recognizes the controllers very well; but I need to change the sensibility of the analog sticks. There is no option available in the control panel or in the drivers. I want to know if someone knows how to change...
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    Segaxtreme IRC Channel

    Since when the sx irc channel became that private?
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    fuck disney

    Is this true?
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    Sega CDX laser unit

    The laser unit of my sega cdx is dead, it reads nothing (I tried to change the laser power without good results). Still, genesis games work fine. So, I think I need to replace the laser unit. Can this be done without killing another cdx? If yes, which specifications should I look for the spare...
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    I need help with my Action Replay+

    I have my cart damaged for a while. Now I have some free time to try to fix it, so I need some clues of what to do. The problem is "simple". The cart works fine except for games wich need extra ram (both snk & capcom ones). For snk games, I noticed that in kof97 it loads until the middle of...
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    Dreamcast tool request

    I'm looking for a tool called afslnk, wich lets you create an afs file from multiple adx ones. (yes, I tried a websearch) thank for reading (I'm looking for the afs shrinker tool, too)
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    Help with Action Replay 4mb+

    My action replay 4mb+ has lost its 4mb ram feature. It doesn't load any capcom or snk game, no matter they are originals or cdrs. Strangely, the other features of the cart still work (save memory, import loads and gameshark codes). My other carts still work (st-key, sega backup cart and a...
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    Descent: the definitive collection

    I'm looking for a store which still sells this pack, if someone still remembers the game. Interplay stop selling it and I can't find a place to buy it. So, if you know a site which still sells it please tell me.
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    xbox homebrew modchip?

    Here's the info for a homebrew modchip for xbox based in a modded-ripped bios image of the xtender modchip :woah: If it works, this can be a cheapass way to try the divx player and the other programs that will come (except for the eprom programmer, I wonder if you...
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    Dragon force

    I need some help with Dragon Force: I'm playing with Mikhal, and I'm supposedly in the last scene where a lot of dragons appear in the map and I was told to go to the west Fandaria's mountain (from faqs & game). I can't go for the final battle, no matter what party I choose or place I go...
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    Dc ide-hd?

    Months ago I heard about a IDE interface for the DC being developed. What about it now? Was it a fake? Will be see a thing like that someday? It would be very helpful for DC programmers.
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    Saturn directpad pro

    I was trying to connect an old saturn controller to my pc via the paralel port and the directpad pro driver. But I messed things up (melted the port with the solder ). So I need to identify the color of the cables in order to solder them correctly. I need someone helps me to identify wich...
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    geforce4 mx440 or geforce3 ti200

    I was looking for a new cheap video card ( < US$150 ), and these two came to be my last options. In the large internet misinformation of "hardcore gamers" I can't decide wich one to buy, so please lend me a hand here. (Edited by Gear at 2:55 am on April 2, 2002)
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    Convert S-video to A/V output

    I want to know if it is possible (Y/N) to convert S-video to A/V output. I bought a cheap geforce2 mx200 and it has just S-video output; but no TV wich supports it.
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    Another saturn emulation project What do you think? You should talk to them if it isn't a fake.
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    Sega GT

    I can't win the WSK FF drive race. Can someone who has won it tell me how did he do that (what car did you use, how was it tuned, etc? I need help tunning FF cars, too. No matter how do I tweak the car, I can't get good acceleration. If you built a goof FF car, tell me too. I have enough...