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    S-Video on genesis

    Yeah, but will it be worth it? HOw much better will the signal be?
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    Third Disc on Shemue 2.
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    Dracula x - important item translations/pics?

    Ditto, the Saturn version is cool, but it is a bad port with some cool additions. Too much slowdown and extra loadtimes. saturn can do better if you really want it to.
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    Snatcher and Bladerunner

    If your going to roll your eyes about something, please try to make it look like you know what you are talking about next time. We were talking about the movie not the book. If you played Snatcher you would know it plays massive visual homage to the movie. Now, if it paralled the book in...
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    Snatcher and Bladerunner

    Huh? I think we were just talking about the movie and the obvious visual and story based homage it pays to the MOVIE. Are you saying that there are more references in the book as well, or are you just being book elite?
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    Snatcher and Bladerunner

    Yeah, it's pretty cool actually; the BR shit in Snatcher. Snatcher is basically the videogame version of Bladerunner for me. Policenauts also has a lot of reference to Lethal Weapon as well (though, not as obvious as Snatcher). (Edited by Rade at 1:34 pm on Feb. 27, 2002)
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    I managed to score a SMS1, SMS2, controolers, hookups, 4 complete games, pretty good working condition for 10 dollars Canadian. 85 is like an ebay price.
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    Scored a Copy of Pirates!  Gold

    And that's 5 dollars Canadian (works out to like 3 USD). Sure, it's just thet cart, and even if I don't like the game, I can turn around and sell it on evilBay for 30. I hate to brag, but I hardly ever find great deals anymore. My last big score was last year when I got a mint Model 1 Sega...
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    Another Question

    ...:) (Edited by Rade at 5:09 pm on Feb. 18, 2002)
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    Another Question

    I have the MW4 rom, and I have the translation patch. How do I combine then to work? I have no clue. Any help you guys can offer is greatly appreciated.
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    Super Street Fighter 2

    But one would have to assume that it has no compatibilty with games that support more than 2 players, correct? Tell me.
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    Monster World 4 English

    Cool! Very cool. Any way you could post an image of your creation? Are you willing to produce these things or is it not really worth it?
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    Monster World 4 English

    You meantion you had an english MW4, Arakon. Was it a joke. Was there a Europe Release? Is i some kind of home brew? Please fill me in. Rade