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    Windows 2000 (DOS Config)

    Hey, I was curious and I tried all of those things and it doesn't work on my 2000 box. What gives? Doesn't the sort order only sort the row orders in which they appear but not the column order which is displayed?
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    Mad Dog Mcree (DVD)

    Its labled as a DVD Video. But they go out of the way to put a "This DVD is compatable with XBOX and PS2!" on it.
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    Mad Dog Mcree (DVD)

    I'v seen games like Dragons Lair for DVD, which can play on a DVD player (You use the control for selecting direction), but for a game liek Mad Dog which needs a light gun, how can you play? Do you use your forward and reverse button to move a curser around? Does anyone have the DVD?
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    Then add black over the whole screen, then add your own clean image to it
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    Hey, doesn't the DC Do the same thing? How the heck did those programmers get around the check in that case? can't you do the same for the SS?
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    Hey wait! Is the cars Radio Shack sells fully working? I mean, does all the parts really work, or does it just have hidden wheels underneeth or something? I know the JAP kits come dissasembled, and things like the wheels ect really do turn and drive the car. Its virtualy a mini of the real RC!
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    how many people preorderd ikaruga!

    Thats so funny!
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    how many people preorderd ikaruga!

    This friggen sucks! All these Chinese stores get shit cheaper and faster than the rest of us. We have to pay $60+ US for a copy, while these Chinese kids down the road pay like $10 for HK Silvers. On top of that, they get games like weeks and weeks before legit stores start stocking them. But...
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    saturn plugin mods/bootdisk

    Hey ExCyber/Mal, I have a Sega Unit with the PC-trap inside. I tried doing the mod as discribed but it doesn't work. The only diffrence with this unit i'm modding now, and the previous one I did, was that it has a PC-Trap inside. I tried everything but I can't get this to work. I wanted to try...
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    Post a picture

    Damn, I must have missed it when she had her photo up. I wonder if anyone still has the links to peoples pictures still. Maybe SX could have a page with the Guys and Gals of SX.
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    saturn mod-chips

    I hear some of those Saturns they sell at Chinese stores do both. They have hardware that beats the copyprotection, and hardware that beats the region settings. I'v heard the really good ones even auto-detect region settings.
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    SNES CRC FIX --> Needed? How To?

    SNES CRC FIX --> Needed? How To? Hey wait a sec! N64 plugs for video/audio look the same as an SNES! Does that mean, I can run out and get an N64 S-video cable and run in on a Super nintendo!?! I'm assuming by that CRC question that trent is trying to run a patched game (Maybe with a trainer)...
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    Attention 64 pin Saturn owners.

    Don't they get their stock from Lik-Sang like the rest of the english speaking world!?!
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    Super Famicom Questions!

    How about the video cable? Does the AC for the Super Famicom need to be 9v?
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    Super Famicom Questions!

    Can a regular Power and video adapter for an SNES be used on a super Famicom? If not what kind of AC do you need? If you need a diffrent video adapter, what is it, and where can you get it?
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    Any place to get a pre-modded Saturn?

    As far as I know, the only place that even carried them was PlayTheGames, and they suck ass. Other than that, the only way your getting a pre-modded unit is if you goto one of those Chinese places which sell pirate Game disks and such. I suppose if you can't find a place, your best bet it to ask...
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    Thank god! All hail king Skank!
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    Ok, now why doesn't the U.S. adopt this?

    Ok, now why doesn't the U.S. adopt this? God these threads are so ****ing stupid.
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    A small proposal.

    Hint 2 the slow witted, thats why the word "WAS" is drawn in bold.
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    A small proposal.

    BigDAlcala, thats an interesting rebuttal from a guy who WAS going to call me a dumbass as a defense???!? And ya, Im with gamefoo21. In such a short amount of time, something’s got to be up with that. Accusing people, posting Romz and all of this stuff has got to be some cheap stunt to get...