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    TV Tuner card recommendations

    one question though, do any of the Hauppauge WinTV Tuners come with the Video/sound-IN on an external box like the later version of the ATI TV Wonder PCI model??? cuz even though ATI's TV Wonder drivers and software royally sucked, that external box was l33t in convenience
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    TV Tuner card recommendations

    oh by the way, hauppauge makes the WinTV and looking on their site, its the card of choice for WinXP users me thinks ill be returning my ATI TV Wonder and picking a WinTV up
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    TV Tuner card recommendations

    also, if your running WinXP i would not suggest using a ATI TV Wonder cuz ATI never released any WinXP compatible drivers (the Win2000 drivers just barely work, but still have lots of bugs) and the Multimedia center v7.1 has a bunch of bugs in WinXP too (although some of those bugs may also be...
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    Western digital hard drives

    I got a Maxtor 4gig drive about 5 years ago and have been using it all the time ever since and its never given even the slightest problem to me. in my experience Maxtor is a solid brand and their hardrives are amoung the best priced too (way cheaper then ANY WD drive for the same capacity) ...
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    Time Warner to Charge for Excessive Bandwidth Usage..

    until now Satelilite internet was always done by downloading from the satelilite to your dish etc but uploads were only possible by using your dial up, so in that sense they were only for the desperate people out in the middle of nowhere, these days some companies have been trying out Satilite...
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    how to replace Nomad Screen?

    anyone know a site that has instructions on a proper (ie safe) way to replace a Nomad's screen??
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    Am I shit

    well with VF2 you can easily beat the single player game by only doing basic throws (just watch out when the computer occasionally counters that!!), the only reason i dont like doing that is cuz its a MAJORLY cheap way to win! when trying to play seriously the game does get tougher otherwise...
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    Scored a Copy of Pirates!  Gold

    OMG!!!! that is a good deal, i wish i could have found Shining Force 1 or 2 for that kinda money, but in my city genesis games disappeared almost overnight when the playstation came out :( now if only i hadnt lost my Pirates! Gold instruction manual, then my Pirates! Gold game would be worth alot
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    i personally love all 3 games in the series! reason for Streets of Rage 1 is i think the music is the BEST of the whole series, otherwise its fair but not as good as the 2 sequels (i paid about 10 bucks canadian for it a while ago so i thought why not get it for the music!) reason for Streets...
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    replacing the battery in old genesis carts

    wow those are some good batteries, i wish my watch battery could last that long :( now all i need to do is find a cheap gamebit somewhere to crack open my genesis carts (and $15 US isnt cheap, cuz i live in Canada)
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    replacing the battery in old genesis carts

    yeah its strange for me too cuz i read somewhere that these batteries are supposed to last up to 5 or so years, but i have a Pirates Gold cart, man i was smart to buy that back in the day :) and the battery still works over 7 years after i bought the game (i bought it a few months after it came...
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    replacing the battery in old genesis carts

    are these the battery holders your talking about? would the carts need the horizontal or verticle ones?
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    replacing the battery in old genesis carts

    i recently won Shining Force 1, 2 and Phantasy Star 4 off ebay and found that none of them holds any saved games after turning off the system power (this didnt surprise me, i was expecting this to happen cuz of the age of all genesis carts) so: 1 - is there a way to replace the cart batteries...
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    Wipeout2097 for Saturn, w/PSX Special Edition Music?

    i have Wipeout 2097 (pal version) for saturn but does anyone know the music track names and the band that made them (or are they all from Cold Storage?)? im asking cuz i want to burn a cd compilation of the best of all the Wipeout music (i have Wipeout XL and 3 as well) but i cant run Wipeout...
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    Ebay Question?

    yeah especially around christmas time prices for anything goes way higher, one thing i would suggest is signing up with PayPal cuz it uses your credit card and most ebay sellers accept it, meaning you can pay them instantly and only have to wait for the auction to be mailed to you which saves...
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    i believe the japanese versions of those games are the only ones that supported the cable (but wtf was the point of Capcom vs SNK supporting it?) basically it was a very underutilized cord, which is why it only came out in japan
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    Internet Free Access?

    there are some ways but most are rather complicated, also since started charging $10 US a month to play all online games (except PSO v1, thats the only game that is still free now) the only thing a free isp will do is let you surf on your DC for free, and in that case you might as well...
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    WTF!!!!!!!! i never expected this to happen, but i just dont know if i would like shenmue, i must rent shenmue 1 and decide quickly!
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    Portable Emulator

    im not sure if this has already been answered but can the Nomad work with Virtua Racing without any ill effects to either the cart OR the Nomad?????? i just won a Nomad off ebay so i need to know this :)
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    Dreamcast gun games

    there are no more gun games for DC, not even in japan i think :(