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    Im buying a used Saturn

    Really? I've never had any problems getting my model 1 to fit back together, other than getting the screws in.. but that is usually about a 2 minute deal :p
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    Shining the Holy Ark is a good game, though it's made me sick (literally) more times than I can count on my hands and feet. The mazes get so confusing you just start whirrling around sometimes.. such whirling makes me dizzzzzy. Panzer Dragoon Saga is also a GREAT rpg. If anyone ever tells you...
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    Needed Instructions for Burning on a Mac

    Just because windows is more popular, doesn't mean a thing. How about putting linux on your box? Fireburner has a linux port :) I like linux more anyway.. hehe
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    Making a Game

    Why not port Rogue instead? Might be a bit less time consuming graphics wise.. and I like it more than Nethack.. even though I still haven't gotten that blasted.. thingamabobber that you're supposed to find way down in the 20's :p Oi. Just an idea. Good luck =)
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    Yes.. that happens quite a bit. And as someone posted earlier, the saturn's drive stops when slowed down manually so that not near as much damage is done... and you'd have to slam a disc down pretty hard to damage that laser.. lol. Maybe I just have above average eye/ear/hand coordination...
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    hm.. dunno about saturn mod chips.. but for those interested in a psx mod, I'd suggest, I got mine from there.. nice, affordable shipping, and fast :)
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    I would suggest downloading ASPI 4.60 (can be obtained at and installing, then using Fireburner. I run win2k and fireburner works best for me. Hopefully the ASPI install will clear up any hardware errors you're receiving from fireburner, since it's a very simple program for a mixed burn.
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    Portable DC??

    sounds romantic Kam: *taps buttons frantically* gf: "Kam hun, aren't you neglecting something?" Kam: "Oh yeah, forgot Magus had 25 hp left..!" gf: "No, I was talking about me" Kam: "..." *keeps tapping frantically* gf: "Aren't you paying attention to me?" Kam: "What?" gf: "I'm leaving...
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    Confusion = Bad. Crapped out HK Dealers = Bad. Little white boys trying to make money off people = Bad. Women in short shorts = Bad. Guys in short shorts = Even worse. Saturn = Good. Modchip = pointless to some extent. Why buy one when you can use swap trick?
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    Strange saturn ability

    Hmm.. yes.. Satconv is a very convenient tool if you haven't already used it. Almost a necessity, since a lot of our favorite games are japanese, and our poor us systems can't play them.. So.. anything else I could say would merely restate what everyone else said, what fun is that?