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  1. vbt

    Sonic Ringworlds needs your help!! In search of a new team!

    where is the source ? on github ?
  2. vbt

    Sonic Ringworlds needs your help!! In search of a new team!

    it's promising, the game has nice textures and design
  3. vbt

    SegaCD: Time Gal

    tested on saturn during holidays, i can't remember why (it was translated ?), that's qte game, it needs a bit memory
  4. vbt

    The Simpsons: Virtual Bart

    fully forgotten game :) there was so many simpsons games in the 90's. some good, some average, some bad
  5. vbt

    [Unreleased] Waterworld

    another one
  6. vbt

    [Unreleased] Heart of Darkness & Dark Rift

    another articles
  7. vbt

    [Unreleased] Rayman

    megaforce february 1995, it says the background will be rendered with the md vdp
  8. vbt

    Do you visit the #SegaXtreme IRC channel on EFNet?

    the irc chan was taken over by stupid guys many years ago so it became impossible to connect, this team was just happy to take the control of every video games chans. I complained to efnet admins but they doesn't care or want to help.
  9. vbt

    SEGA Saturn 29th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    new amazing tech demo on the way "vbt proudly presents"
  10. vbt

    Should I play Silhouette Mirage now or wait for a possible translation?

    wonderful ! thanks for such release !
  11. vbt

    Is there any SS emulator with a tilemap value viewer?

    i'd say there is nothing better, i remember satourne had a texture replacement feature, so maybe it does more than yabause or kronos
  12. vbt

    REminiscence - Flashback for Sega Saturn

    @Mr^Burns would you support/like such version ?
  13. vbt

    Final Burn Alpha Beta 4

    maybe bad emulation, i may work on fba on holiday but it has so low success
  14. vbt

    Cubecat updated builds

    thanks for such release !
  15. vbt

    SX Appreciation Thread

  16. vbt

    Pokemon Emerald Nova

  17. vbt

    Collect Saturn Github Projects

    project spotted by Ced :
  18. vbt

    Issues Loading Wolf 3D Homebrew on Fenrir

    are you sure both had no audio ? i'm pretty sure i tried on fenrir and music was there ccd : bin/cue :
  19. vbt

    Need for a program loader ?

    nope, i've found back this loader and it works better than my new one, it should have the same results. two possibilities : - the compiler - the version of the fld lib / sbl
  20. vbt

    Need for a program loader ?

    still there :