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    Vertical Shmup prototype

    So a while ago a wrote a small vertical shooter prototype. My goal, other than learning the Saturn, was to build an engine-type thing that that would manage VDP memory a little better than having to hardcode assets and do a little bit of game object management. It doesn't do a lot, but I...
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    Shipping an "unlock" cart with a game?

    Since manufacturing compatible disks for Saturn isn't possible and that it's been proved that flashing the Action Replay cartridge can disable the security checks, would it be possible to produce a game on CD that would ship with an simple "unlock" cart? Ignoring the drawbacks (takes up cart...
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    Palette Number in Pattern Name Data

    How does the palette number in pattern name data correspond to color data in color ram? Is the color ram divided into 16 identically sized areas and indexed by the palette number? Is there a difference when the color ram mode is set to 1024?
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    Running SaturnOrbit project on actual hardware?

    Hi! I've built an iso based on one of the SaturnOrbit examples (Reinhart's cube) and it runs in Yabause but not on actual hardware using the swap trick. I get the Sega logo but then it tries to read the disk and then falls back to the CD player dashboard. Is there something I must do to make...
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    VDP1 VRAM and Command Tables

    Hi, I'm reading the docs (cripes, there's a lot of them!) and looking at code examples and I want to make sure I understood some of the basics of the VDP1. This is what I got so far, please correct me if I'm wrong. Command Tables. - Whenever calling a function like slPutPolygon or...
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    Skippable boot and sega screens?

    Hi Is there a version of the Saturn BIOS that skips the flying bits Saturn logo screen and the Presented by Sega screen? When repeatedly building and running code in Yabause, waiting for those two screens to play and go away is a pain. Thanks!
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    SaturnOrbit GCC version

    Hello! From what I can see, the version of gcc included in SaturnOrbit is 3.4. Has anyone ever tried upgrading it to something more recent? thanks! EDIT: Annnnnd right after posting I found: Only for 4.0, though.