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    this place is dead?

    Stopping into say hi :)
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    Three word story game

    down to the
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    PS2: The Red Star

    I'm glad it finally got released, but I'm hoping that maybe it expands onto XBLA or something. Seems perfect for a small, hardcore release.
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    Racketboy on /.

    hehe -- found this while ego-surfing :) I'm still around -- as I mentioned in another thread, my site has been eating up most of my free time.
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    What happened?

    lol -- I still have mine -- my wife sleeps in it a lot and I'll wear it around town :)
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    What happened?

    I'm here :) But yeah, my site eats up a lot of my time. But having a day job that blocks gaming sites (including this one and my own) and having a new house to keep up prohibits me from keeping up with all my old hangouts. I haven't been to DCEmulation or some others much at all either.
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    Has anyone used these saturn modchips before?

    Hey guys -- been a while since I've stopped in here :) Yeah, I have a handful of them and should have more on the way. I was thinking about stopping them, but there still seems to be a demand.
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    hmmm.... been running it over a year and haven't had any issues so far other than spam...
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    I know what you mean -- I get a decent amount of spam, but I run things pretty low-cost, so I'm willing to deal with it.
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    eek $160?! Now I know why I run phpbb :) I can host some media files if you want. I have a lot of storage and bandwidth that isn't being used. I would be contributing to the site still, but mine has kept me more than busy.
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    I could probably work on hosting it... I'd hate to see everything disappear. I would need some help to try to organize stuff, but we'll see how it goes Contact me for details
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    So, are Saturn modchips still being sold?

    Yeah I'm still selling them :) I can't top Ritual's price through...
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    Dreamcast VGA Cables and Extension Cables

    I've branched out a bit into a few Dreamcast goods. Dreamcast VGA Cables - $13.95 Dreamcast Extension Cables - $4.95 Shipping is a flat $4.95 no matter how much you order and where you live Email me if you have questions.
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    Saturn cartridge shells?

    The idea wasn't to have them do a run for me, but to see if they had any extras from prior runs. Quoted post [/b] Well, i guess it doesn't hurt to ask then :)
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    Active places to get 3do Isos? Images?

    Underground-gamer you need invites in most cases though....
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    Saturn cartridge shells?

    Yeah Xinga usually makes their items in very large batches, so I'd say you should probably count them out. Even if that wasn't the case, I couldn't image trying to describe what you wanted to them. They aren't the best with their English.
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    jandman mod board install questions

    well put, Mal
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    WTB: Saturn modchip and official backup ram cart

    I have chips and the 4MB RAM carts, but not the carts to save games onto
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    How to mod a 21 pin Saturn

    You'll want these instructions most likely...
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    should i start modding saturns again

    I sold one a couple years ago for $100, so any of those prices would be just fine...