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    Saturn 3D controller

    Actually Eleven of 9 your speculation was sort of true. I was at a chinese mall here in Toronto and I bought a knockoff Dreamcast controller that looked exactly like the Saturn 3D pad. There was a foil sticker where the Saturn logo should've been so I took it off, and there was a Saturn logo...
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    Next Gen magazine RIP?

    I started buying Next Gen right from its inception, back when it was still Next Generation (and depending on the month, almost as thick as a Saturn jewel case). I was hooked from the start, but then again, having Virtua Fighter on the cover of the first issue made it a no brainer purchase for me.
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    I just checked EB's website tonight and they've removed the Shenmue II page. Doing a keyword search won't bring anything up either. One of my friends just preordered it today and they said it's now listed as shipping on Dec. 24th, although they aren't even sure if it's going to come out at all.