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    Des-ROW MIA

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    How Fit Are You?

    Meh, not a patch on me :D
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    I'm alive!!!

    I'm alive!!! :bs :D Welcome back Cyn. I remember you, but you don't remember me methinks :ph34r:
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    Whats your PSO Chararactors Name?

    My characters can be found here.
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    Virtua Fighter 3 tb

    :agree I loved VF2 on Saturn and was really excited about 3tb, but after playing Soul Calibur to death, 3tb just felt pants. I liked 3 when I played it at SegaWorld, but this came out so long after and then felt worse :/
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    XBOX vs GameCube

    I think you haven't ever been to vega or any pso-cheats site :P There are hackers on both Ep1&2 and Ep3 on Gamecube. The hacked items such as red ring and crazy percent weapons are a clear indication of that. There seem to be less hackers around on Ep1&2 nowadays, with the most infamous of...
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    OFFICIAL GameFAQs Character Battle III Roast

    What he said, but with contest spelt correctly :thumbs-up:
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    Who would win in a walkoff?

    Ph34r me!! :devil
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    What are you doing~!!??

    Trying to get random people to give me their vote in the injustice that is my walkoff with that cupcake bloke...
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    Who would win in a walkoff?

    ARGH! I am Gallstaff!! :damn: Help me someone please. I must face the new cloud on VF!
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

    :blush: :thumbs-up: <!--QuoteBegin-gallstaff[/i]@ wtf is Omar :slap <!--QuoteBegin-cloud121[/i] Omar would own you... :thumbs-up: lordofduct, your blue picture is awesome
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    Who would win in a walkoff?

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    What are you doing~!!??

    I am currently trying to work out what *¬* means...
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    Which of these SX members is your favorite?

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    Should lurkers get moderator powers?

    This is my second post in one day here! I need to calm down a bit... :ph34r:
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    Post a Picture of Yourself

    Wow, racketboy's wife is teh gorgeous! Here is a recent one of me at the end of a race:
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    PSO ep III

    The EU have finally got this game now and I love it! :) After about 70 hours playtime I am almost a LORD and have had the pleasure of attending 2 VIP Auctions. Tournaments are too addictive... :P
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    Phantasy Star Universe Info!

    Have any other sites mentioned this "announcement" by Sega? I still haven't found anything, so can only assume that magicbox and spong posted news based on a rumour. >.>
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    Phantasy Star Universe Info!

    I agree with Ammut until some other sources mention this. I know a random German site had a fake image with the playstation 2 logo photoshopped onto a picture of the PSU logo, but hadn't heard about this anywhere else until now. There isn't anything on either Sega or Sonic Team's site and Spong...
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    Phantasy Star Universe Info!

    Ditto. This is so annoying! :damn: Edit: Ice, where have you found this news? I can't see it on Sonicteam or Sega's sites.