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    Anyone still have CWX's Langrisser III patch?

    Someone visited the board earlier today asking about L3. I was going to refer him to the patch but couldn't find it. I know it's long discontinued. SegaXtreme used to host it before the site exploded, so curious if anyone has it laying around. Thanks. *Edit: Found it...
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    Translation of Tengai Makyou for Saturn underway

    gamer_boy: I really wouldn't bother contacting kammedo. I mean, really. He's a cool guy and all, but he's probably just about the slowest around at getting things done.
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    Can I swap discs with a japanese saturn?

    I was under the impression you can swap discs on any Saturn ... I've done it on both US Model 1 and 2 units.
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    Cool beans. Always love to have more BIOS files.
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    Segagaga in English for 2007 !!!

    Holy shit. These guys are translating the game by just editing the SJIS text directly in a text editor!? Welcome to 1997. ♪Lets do the Time Warp agaaiiin♪
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    Playstation pointers, an equivalent on Saturn ?

    It varies from game to game. When I was working on Sentimental Graffiti, all the text was stored in a custom script format. The various script files were bundled together in a big package format documented on my site. In this care, the only math involved was multiplying the offset by the sector...
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    CYBER 3in1 Compatibility

    Well, I suppose if you really want one, you could cannibalize a DDR pad and rewire up/down/left/right to map to L1, R1, L2 and R2 in the data signal. Then you'd have a pad with no axis ... Just store a custom controller config for that game in your emulator.
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    CYBER 3in1 Compatibility

    It actually varies by system controller. Some systems map it to axis and some map it to button presses.
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    CYBER 3in1 Compatibility

    Hi, going from memory here but I think this is the trick. The DC properties detect the analog part of the button and the actual contact press as two separate events. If you only partially press the button and do not make the full contact, it should map the analog part of the button to the...
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    CYBER 3in1 Compatibility

    Good question. I don't have any games with rumble support to test ...
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    CYBER 3in1 Compatibility

    Unfortunately, no. I had been hoping for that feature too. It's just one at a time. But it still kicks ass when you think of how many controllers this opens up. I use my Dreamcast controller for Chankast and Project64, PSX controller for PSX, and Saturn controller for everything else. I wish I...
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    CYBER 3in1 Compatibility If anyone else owns one of these adapters, could you let me know which controllers works for you and which don't? I've already gone through my collection and translated the official compatibility list so the list has a fair start. Of course, I only...
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    Beggar Prince for Sega Genesis-MegaDrive

    Hrm, how to explain it ... Story-wise, the game spins out of a Prince & the Pauper Motif where you, the prince of the Shatt Kingom, exchange clothes with a beggar and end up locked out of the castle after you've had your fun. Unfortunately in your absence the evil Cat Minister is planning to...
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    Mod chip problem.

    Actually, a broken mod chip can result in this error. At one point I had modded my Saturn and played for 4 weeks just fine using my mod chip. One day the thing fried out when I was monkeying around inside. From that point on all discs given the machine, even audio CDs, generated that error. My...
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    How to convert Dracula X PCM files to WAV?

    Have you tried opening it as raw ADPCM data using Adobe Audition? I ended up using that at a later date when pulling all the audio out of Gulliver Boy for Saturn. Relevant post from a few years ago The gulldump script was the end result. Youll need to scan the file with WinHex though, but...
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    saturn seems to be on the way out :(

    This is actually a super-common problem. The cart port is pathetically constructed ont he saturn. Just keep pulling it up and down and nudging it then rebooting. Eventually you'll find the magic spot where it works.
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    Translation tools no more

    I'm curious why I'm a comparison point for pissing you off given we talk all of, what, once a year? If that? I know we seriously don't get along and butt heads whenever more than a few words are exchanged, but I've never pulled shit with anything to this degree. Not to mention everything you've...
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    Thinking about translating Magical School Lunar

    我来了! This game is really fucking bad. :puke: If anyone actually cares about why, they can use the search feature and find the long rant I made about it a few years ago. Too much to do to waste time that time again.
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    Translation projects...

    Hey Reinhart, thanks :) I'm always glad to know it's helping people. If you have any suggestions (other than a GUI) let me know, I'm open to ideas for improving it. (Preferably PM me on here, over AIM, or use the Sourceforge board for FEIDIAN, I'm not at SegaXtreme too often anymore...)
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    Was this game ever released?

    Is Suiko Enbu another Chinese developed game? It looks INCREDIBLY similar to a Chinese PC game I played a long time ago.