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    Saturn CDRs don't play movie files...

    Saturn CDRs don't play movie files... All the games that I have backed up that had movie files on them, freeze. Any time a movie is about to play, the game just stops. Any OTHER part of the game plays fine. Is this due to the speed that I burned the cdr at, or is it fixable by simply increasing...
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    Back again.. need help w/ TWO Saturn mod questions

    I had posted here a while back when I had first modded my Saturn and Nomad both with a single switch/3-country modification, I felt I had something to offer to the whole community because at the time I had been all willing to make a huge walkthrough on how to do it and everything...
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    Ack!! >.<;; Need help with 21-pin mod-board!!&#3

    No, believe me, it's on the 5v line :P I used the same connector that I power the 3 country mod with. I just tried the thing again and its still not workin x.x money down the drain... is there any OTHER 21-pin mod available?
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    Ack!! >.<;; Need help with 21-pin mod-board!!&#3

    Well it was working beforehand, and then it just I said. I don't know what the problem is (and I'm not one to screw somethin up usually :P Heck, I even managed to make that Genesis ROM dumper and have it work first thing)
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    Ack!! >.<;; Need help with 21-pin mod-board!!&#3

    Crap, mybad. I forgot one other thing in that x.x The square chip on the board gets REALLY hot if you just let it sit there.... I assume it's getting power in that case... either that or it's using somethin from the ribbon cable connector. I dunno, I'll check it out later today if I get the chance.
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    help with screen fit of game (?)

    Sounds like something to do with a pal game on an ntsc system... also, your ntsc television may be old, so it could have picture spread (where the gun inside is so old that it can't keep all of the picture within the outermost edges of the tube screen, so you would miss stuff like that). See if...
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    Ack!! >.<;; Need help with 21-pin mod-board!!&#3

    Well for starters, I had a h*ll of a time installing the g.d. thing... I bought it from lik-sang and used the instructions it pointed to on playthegames...but playthegames' instructions were all screwed up x.x it said to solder the timing wire to pin 3 of whatever chip it was...but it was...
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    Sonic charecters

    wow, a LOT of those are just REALLY terrible either fan made ones or just bad animated real ones.... (or really g*y edited ones* >.< ) Ray is a flying squirrel, he was in the segasonic arcade game... but none of those animated gifs are real.. one's actually an edited anim from Sonic Pocket...
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    Comment on the 20/21 pin differences topic...

    Okay, I went and read through the post on the 20/21pin modboard differences, but since its really late I didn't bother to sit and actually absorb the info :P This post is merely about an observation I've made... I got my lik-sang 21 pin modboard a few days ago, and before I put it in (also...
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    Saturn games that suck!

    Manx TT superbike and Sega Touringcar Championship.... wait.. Andretti Racing is pretty bad too...
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    Here's the gen/md 3-country mod diagram.

    Here's the gen/md 3-country mod diagram. Nothing special, rudimentary circuit even... (that's an on-off-on 3-position switch, btw :) ), ikonboard 3 sucks... i cant use .txt extensions for images o.O that's the link, if you wanna save...
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    Single-switch, 3 country mod for genesis/md.

    Ill put the diagram up soon, ive been really preoccupied with school and work and everything... Soldermonkey: to my knowledge, the sega cd uses specific ROM's to designate country.. I don't know if it's as simple as rigging jumpers.. but then again, i havent researched it much as of yet
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    Single-switch, 3 country mod for genesis/md.

    I dunno if anyone has put it up anywhere or not, but I've done a single-switch mod for my Nomad (which yes I know I said in another post) that could easilly be done on any other Genesis or MD model... I dunno if anyone is interested, but if someone wants it, I can draw up a clean diagram and...
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    The nomad

    You can modify the nomad very easilly... you just need to weird-*ss gamebit screwdriver for the center bottom screw... Ive done the single-switch mod for us/uk/jap games... you just have to make sure if youre trying to run in UK mode, that you have the genesis2 model av cable... I dunno which...
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    Does anyone need saturn modding help?

    Ack well I was under the impression that the lik-sang one was 20/21.. in either case, both saturns i have are 21pin models The last two of those modboard pictures are the same mods, and hey actually look to have the capacity to be a 20 OR 21 pid board... if you count the holes on the unused...
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    Does anyone need saturn modding help?

    Like it says, i can help with anything you need... Disregard the fact that I'm a newbie to this board, please >.< Someone IMed me on AIM and said that there was someone here who needed help with modding their saturn... rather than replying individually to his post (I DID look at it), I figured...