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    Mortal Kombat

    Although I expected it to be crap, Mortal Kombat Deception is the best MK game in years.Perhaps even better than the first 3.
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    Well just tried the latest CVS and its working fine.Good job! :)
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    I just downloaded the latest release and I seem to be getting the same issue I was having with 0.5.0 :( Here is a link to the post for reference : However 0.5.0 still works so I assume that this is a different issue? I believe...
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    Couldn't get it to work (FPS display) but it isn't a big deal really.I have one other request, though.It would be nice to have a -nosound option as the sound is pretty hard to handle for most games at the moment, and I'm generally listening to music in the background at any given time anyway.
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    I'm using a geforce ti4200 and my processor is a lowly duron 1.6 applebred :) Can I display fps on the non-gui version?
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    Well have tested out some games and here are my results: shining the holy ark (US) - black screen after sega logo thunder force V (JAP) - black screen story of thor 2 (US) - shows title, menu not visible.Crashes after selecting new game. Opening video plays, but only the sound can be heard...
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    Thanks, that fixed it. Feels a hell of a lot faster too. :thumbs-up: Running from the commandline is a preference of mine in any case ( and the gui is obviously in its early stages)
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    Yes it does. EDIT: Just tried compiling the new 0.5.0 release and I get the same problem. EDIT2: Saw an error relating to aclocal-1.6 being missing, so I installed it.Also saw mention of the --with-gtk option needing to be specified, so I did.Also removed --prefix=/usr ,which shouldn't cause...
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    Sure, thats no problem (although I doubt thats the issue).Check attached glxinfo.txt.
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    Still segfaults I'm afraid.
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    I compiled today's CVS and get this error when launching the progam: Couldn't set GL mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual Cannot initialize VDP1 Error running Yabause Segmentation fault I am using : Ubuntu Hoary Xorg 6.8.2 Geforce 4 ti4200 NVIDIA 7676 drivers GLX enabled (with...
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    Linux SegaCD/Saturn Burning HOWTO

    Attached is the linux version of satconv, I assume that is what you were looking for, Piratero? I could not find this anywhere on the web, but was lucky to find it on an old dvd that I had.The rest of the software can be obtained easily through a google search or through your distribution's...
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    Trouble with Dragon Force (NTSC on PAL)

    Either use the double swap method or try with a different original.I could not get dragon force to work either,unless I used Worms (E) or the double swap method.Same with plenty of my other copies,some will work only work with certain originals because of TOC differences (I assume)...the double...
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    Quality of this Princess Crown translation

    LOL,no need for the sarcasm mate :rolleyes: Although yes,I was stating the obvious :) Saturn translations are a rarity at the moment though,but perhaps the in-progress SF3 will incite some more activity since it seems somewhat likely it will be completed.
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    Quality of this Princess Crown translation

    It uses old english,yes,although not in a very complex form.More like the type you'd see in a fantasy novel. I'm very much liking the translation myself,as it it is very fun to read because it is not overtly literal or "wooden" as some fan translations are.I'm not sure how accurate it is,but it...
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    Jap Saturn Power Mod

    Same here,240v model 1 power board into model I U.S Board,works fine.
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    Oval button or round button model?

    I think he is just saying you should use backups to avoid damage to cds from carelessness,clumsiness,kids,siblings,dog's etc :) rather then the saturn itself doing the damage.
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    Saturn Model 1 50/60hz mod question.

    A : Use a flat jewelers screwdriver,works fine(and I cut tracks all the time).Also did you break any of the other tracks? Use a multimeter to check the possibly broken tracks. B : So what was the output? If your tv can't handle 60hz youw'll get a rolling screen.If the output is a scrambled...
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    The everlasting CD Burner/Nero conflict?

    Try a linux live cd like knoppix or the like,you'll be able to rule out operating system and software and if you still have the problem it could be a hardware issue,or possibly firmware(have you ever flashed the firmware? ) Usually the problem is that you can't burn higher speeds rather then the...
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    Playstation-X PAL / NTSC modification

    Its not needed for your model mate,only the older models required an external clock source.I don't have the points documented anywhere so my advice would be to ask in the forums here: PS2-Scene