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    another videogame sale, plus everything else

    i updated the list with a few items, this will be the last update
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    another videogame sale, plus everything else

    Dyne: sorry but these don't have the logos on the top, it's just a shiny silver top. msimplay: sorry but it's in the progress of being sold I will update the list in 5 minutes with a lot more stuff. If you want more info about any of the products, just ask.
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    another videogame sale, plus everything else

    Hey everyone, It's been awhile but I still visit this site every now and then. I've lost interest in videogames so I've decided to sell everything I can. I will be adding more so keep checking back. Here it is: PS1/2 (all excellent condition) *new*Time Crisis 1 w/ Guncon for PS1 (box...
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    Another big sale, lots of stuff

    I decided to stop spending money on videogames and computer stuff so now I'm trying to sell whatever I have in my closet. I need to pay my bills, help me out! $20 Logitech Formula Force GP steering wheel + pedals for PC & PS2 – It has force feedback and works with the PC and Playstation 2...
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    Gmail use "localhost" as server name in Thunderbird or Outlook Express
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    Lookin for a cellphone

    Sign up for a phone and plan on , I think the Sony Ericsson T610 is the cheapest, decent phone you can get on there. You have to sign up for a $40/month plan, but just switch plans after you get the rebates. Remember to read rebate requirements.
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    Questions about soldering

    I use a Radioshack 15W iron with rosin core solder to hook wire onto controller PCBs. If you're good, you can probably use 30W--15W might be too weak.
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    New Jersey's Governor is Gay

    New Jersey's Governor is Gay In my psychology textbook, I read that Binobo chimpanzees engage in homosexual activities (not exclusively) even though there are plenty of chimpanzees of the opposite sex. My psychology professor had a long discussion about homosexuality and she told me that it's...
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    racket's garage sale

    racket's garage sale Hey, here's the stuff I'm interested in, but I need some questions asked before I buy. I live in the Bay Area (Milpitas) so I can pick up the stuff locally. 1. P166 Thinkpad (Does it have a PCMCIA slot and CD-ROM drive? How long does the battery last? Can you listen to...
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    Ripping a DVD.....

    I think dvd2xbox has the option to copy the dvd to a samba share. Share a folder in Windows and edit the dvd2xbox.xml and type in your PC's network settings. Look for a tutorial on for more info about samba. I've never done it myself so good luck. use dvd2xbox version 0.5.4 or...
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    FREE SEGA CD! Plus tons of other stuff.

    Here’s some nice stuff I don’t have any use for anymore. Pictures of all the items can be found here and here. 1. Time Crisis for Playstation w/ Guncon – excellent condition w/ original box. $22 2. ECS K7VTA3 ATX Socket A motherboard – Brand new, never used. It uses the VIA KT333...
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    Blocking internet access for a XP user...

    I just stumbled upon this TechTV article, read the bottom part and you should get some idea.
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    A program to auto-change wallpappers..

    BAM! I think this is for Windows XP. Search on google if you want to find other programs that can do it.
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    cleaning a controller PCB

    Thanks for the info, I'll probably use the 90% isopropyl alcohol and a cue-tip to clean it.
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    How to take apart a GCN controller...

    Jandaman has it listed but it's not in stock right now. THis place might have them but I'm not sure if it's the right one you're looking for.
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    cleaning a controller PCB

    I have a beatmania controller that has some gunk on the solder points where it connects to the turntable (the part with the buttons is detachable from the turntable part). So how do you clean a PCB? Are there special cleaners or can you use soap and water and let it dry thoroughly? I don't...
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    Video Out Connection Questions

    Maybe it is because your s-video to rca adapter is only 4-pin? I think all ATI and new GF4 cards have a 7-pin s-video out (but you can use 4-pin s-video cables) and older cards have a 4-pin s-video out. I don't know the difference between 4 and 7-pin, does anyone know? I have a ton of 7-pin...
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    FS: X-arcade joystick and 10 buttons

    I ordered the parts from X-arcade via eBay, you can see what they look like here. I'm selling the joystick and the 10 buttons with microswitches for $13. Everything is X-arcade brand, they feel just like the X-arcade joysticks. My price is reasonable, I paid $40 for 2 sets of joysticks and...
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    How to control another computer on your network?

    VNC did the trick, thanks.