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    Go with Linux, Mandrake is really good to use and easy to install. Xp on my mom's comp is nothing but one problem after another, thats just ONE reason why I went to the Mac OSX rules. :drool:
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    US run by psychopaths

    First of let me say that I'm an American and love my country and what it stands for. Unlike most of my other fellow americans I have lived outside the U.S. for some years and have a great deal of friends from other countries, this has given me a different perspective from most of my countrymen...
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    Where are you from...?

    Miami, FL gotta love South Beach
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    Gen emulator for Mac

    thanks for the sites, and try and get one they rock, though if I were you I'd wait to see the new imac update.
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    Gen emulator for Mac

    One more thing now that I see im not the only one to have a mac. Please let me know of any good mac sites you know of since Im still a newbie to the mac.
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    Gen emulator for Mac

    Hey thanks for the info on the emulator guys. Well I got the ibook 800 and there are various reasons why I switched to the mac. 1. OSX is awesome, this is what an operating system should be. 2. Didn't belive that crap that Macs are more expensive, when you break it down on price and quality of...
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    Gen emulator for Mac

    Does anyone know of a Gen emulator for the Mac. I just made the switch and found one for the SNES and looking for a Gen one.
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    This is only a future plan...for killing a dog

    Well buddy i know what your going through. I wen through that about 8 months ago and I too thought about killing the damn dog, but i figured the dog wasnt really at fault. So I'd get even with the dog, mind you i wasnt alone in this, there were a few of us who would get in the action. Well...
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    Stolen dc

    Well my place was broken into this past tuesday. They took my t.v. , cd's, and watches, but what hurt the most was they took my DC and games.
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    Sad Sad Sad....

    Well i bought an Xbox back in Dec. and left it with my brother since my DC still kicks butt (gotta love Skies of Arcadia). Still come this next vacation when i go back im for sure bringing back my Xbox with me, especially with all the new games coming out, and this is before what will be...
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    CeBit 2k2

    First i consider myself a gamer ive had every system and addon with the exception of the 32x up until the DC. After that i had to decide on what to get next, and even though i had to wait awhile i ended up getting an xbox and feel great about the purchase. Most of you Ps2 lovers seem to miss the...
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    your opinion

    7 women for every man, though in Alaska its like 10 men for every woman.
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    your opinion

    The girl's a slut period. Don't give me that sexual freedom crap either. We are humans (at least most of us) and God or Evolution (take your pick) gave us a brain to be able to reason something animals do not do. Im not saying don't have sex (shit i love it) but don't expect to get respect if...
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    What do you do?

    Well im about a year away from my D.D.S (Doctorate in Dental Surgery), and hopfully specialize in Maxilo Facial Surgery
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    US and Canada?

    Canadians and Americans are not the same. I have a good amount of canadian friends and are different in the way they see and do things. We are a melting pot, they give the analogy of a tossed salad (hehe). They love Hockey we like Football. They use mayonase we use ketchup on our fries. A good...
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    Sony CD/MP3 Walkman D-CJ01

    I just don't understand why is the U.S. the only place where the MiniDisc hasn't taken off. I bought my first one way back in '97 even though it took forever to save up for it was well worth it. Maybe with the new NetMD coming it will since you can download from your PC without having to listen...
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    favorite system in the 80s

    Well my ColecoVision ruled the block since everyone had the 2600, but i'd have to say my Nes ruled, at least untill my Genesis came along.
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    Mod Board or Swap Trick?

    Thanks for the advice about ebay guys, now i need to decide if ill get a mod board or just do the swap trick so any input would be helpful.
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    Ebay Question?

    Hey guys i need some advice from those of you who have used ebay, so i can make up my mind in buying a Saturn from ebay or a gamesite. thanks