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    Hi-scores page?

    Thanks VBT, I think I should submit more scores, I already beat all of those Wave Rave 64 times. I plan on getting a Wii and play Wave Race 64 there instead of using PC emulators, so no save state scores will be used although ideally a US N64 and a Hori mini pad would be better but that setup is...
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    What are the best N64 games ?

    My favorite game is Wave Race 64, all systems, all time. Yes I absolutely hated the Gamecube game.
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    Hi-scores page?

    Hey, What happened to the high-scores page? I had some Wave Race 64 scores that I would like to check again :)
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    X-Men: Children of the Atom

    This was my first Saturn game that I played on my Japanese Saturn, it blew me away, I was such a fan of the 2D Capcom arcade games and to play it at home was just amazing.
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    AM2 planned to license Shenmue development tools

    Both Shenmue 1 and 2 were pretty bad graphically, huge slowdowns and blurry textures on the DC version.
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    best Gamecube modchip option

    I put the XenoGC on mine, works perfect, no menus or anything like that, just put the miniDVD-R and play, very easy to install too it you prepare.
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    Mega Drive country switch mod

    It definitely has other advantages that I didn't take into consideration, I deducted that since it turns the image into black and white when running in 60Hz the Mega Drive was running in NTSC mode so it wouldn't have a problem running US/JP games as is, good thing I have a spare MD2 and MD1...
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    What games have you bought lately?

    I bought WAVE RACE BLUE STORM for my GC, quite the departure from the N64 game, can't say I'm a fan of this one, hope they do a proper WR for the Wii.
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    Mega Drive country switch mod

    What exactly is the point of the country switch? I thought the only protection was the cartridge slot which can be bypassed with either a cart adapter or by trimming the plastic. I've broken the 157 chip leg so I can't do the switch mod on my MD2 anymore. I did the 50Hz-60Hz mod successfully...
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    Rick Dangerous MD

    I liked Rick Dangerous 2 more but I've never finished either one.
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    Strange Saturn Mod Chip ?

    I had one of those, they are the most compatible modchips around, I can't think of a Saturn those didn't work, very easy to install, too bad they stopped making then in favor of the crappy 21 versions.
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    High Scores section is back !!!!!!

    Cosmic Smash for Dreamcast, SAN is my name there.
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    Saturn custom firmware?

    I haven't seen a Magic Card since '95.
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    Fishing rods

    Yeah I've seen the Wii version, there's also a fishing rod mold for the remote and nunchuk.
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    Fishing rods

    I'm looking to get a fishing rod for my Dreamcast, I see that there's a third party fishing rod that's easier to get than the official one which goes for quite high, are they worth it? I've never played any fishing games before and I'm also unsure about which fishing rod to get but the concept...
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    SEGA : We don't intend to be an Activision or an Electronic Arts

    Nintendo would do a great Sonic, they proved it with Smash, at least the backgrounds look like a real Sonic game.
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    [Rumor] JSR return ?

    Imagine using the wii remote+ as a spray can *the possibilities*.
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    Border Down 2008 Reprint

    They appear to be sold out?
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    What Media Player do you use?

    Same as Runik, before that I used to use BSPlayer for video before it became bloatware.
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    SEGA : We don't intend to be an Activision or an Electronic Arts

    They should be looking at Capcom as an example.