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    looking for broken ps2

    anyone got a broken ps2? Email me at ill buy it or trade u for it. Make sure to EMAIL i dont often respond to forum posts/messages. Add me to ur msn if u got it.
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    Got a dreamcast bundle and neo geo pocket color

    a Sega Dreamcast system 1 standard controller 1 4-in-1 controller adaptor (plug in ps2/psx/sega saturn controllers/keyboard) 2-3 VMU's 1 interact dreamcast gun (with features on it) 1 dreamcast mouse (only tested, never used, mint in box, use it with the adaptor to play games like...
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    Neo Geo pocket/snk vs capcom motm/etc!

    I got 2 Neo geo pocket colors.. one I play with (hardly ever) and one I just keep new in box just for the hell of it. The game is SNK vs Capcom: match of the millenium and is extremely good (I hate fighters.. but honest to god this game is a lot of fun), and the link cable so u can battle ur...
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    free dialup accounts

    thanks a alot, was very helpful
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    free dialup accounts

    well i need some accounts for my dreamcast.. anyone know of any of those sites that has members who list compaq/other accounts? Any help is appreciated.. but sites that deal with ONLY netzero/juno are useless since they stopped working (they made a big cutback on numbers a week ago).
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    GBA SP (or something else) for 2x Neo geo pocket c

    well it seems someone backe doutta the trade, so items are still available. Still looking for something in the lines of GBA SP/Sega Saturn/CDX/Broken PS2/etc.
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    anyone want eternal darkness/GC mem card?

    I got this a bit back , but still havent got a gamecube.. and its looking unlikely.. anyone wanna trade for it? Add me to your msn messenger or e-mail me. .
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    SupaFly.. Where are yoooou?

    Buddy ol' pal.. I don't see you on msn.. and no response to my e-mail or SX PM. Im hoping you come onto this board and let me know what happened to our deal.. the shyt was supposed to have started already but you disappeared.
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    GBA SP (or something else) for 2x Neo geo pocket c

    What happened to you fly?
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    GBA SP (or something else) for 2x Neo geo pocket c

    Added you to my msn
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    Derby Stallion Saturn

    lol, her post is almost 2 years old! Besides she doesn't come on anymore, she's in Japan now.
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    GBA SP (or something else) for 2x Neo geo pocket c

    Well I've done trades before on here, dcemulation, gametz and consoelvision.. and if we do get a trade going I can get fellow respected members on almost all the sites to vouch for me. Anyways to the item.... I got: -2 Neo geo pocket colors, 1 is new in box (truly mint , my backup NGPC in...
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    Sega Saturn Mod Chip

    I would think you installed it wrong is all....... a defective chip doesn't destroy the staurn, bad soldering does.
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    how many think sega will come out with a

    Well if Sega does REALLY well with software, that means more money in a new system+a user following. Not only would there be 3rd party support, but now they see how great sega is at games, and that sega games would ONLY be on this ONE system. So I think yes, but it wont be for a looong time, I...
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    Porting of new Sega Games

    "blah blah blah, I don't like paying money" Too fu(king bad, it's called exclusives, live with what you have or buy another console. No one gives a flying Fu(k what companies you like and which deserve you paying money for you damn fool. P.S. yeah I'm offensive, just the way I am
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    Sega Game Gear for $30.00

    umm, also sells em for $30 with games at $10.
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    why bothe rputtim en in .pdf? Just store em somewhere, do u really need to read them? ???
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    This is gonna sound really dumb

    neptune=genesis+32x in a unit that sorta looks like a genesis.
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    Good Seller/Trader

    well, these are all my completed trades, I don' remember exactly which member I dealt with (I don't even know if an are fromt his board, I think 1, maybe 2 is) so if you know one of these trades is one I did with you, say so. -First trade was for saturn package from IGC boards from a woman in...
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    what can my sega cdx do?

    the 32X works fine int he CDX, and there won't be game problems, you won't be able to open the CD case while the CDX is inserted though. Sega neptune=32x+genesis, no sega CD..., it may mount on the Sega CD unit though. I'd show a pic of the neptune, but don't wanna up it to a site. However, sega...