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    FS: Saturn (Model 1, PAL, 60Hz modded + SEB Board), 3D Pad + More [UK]

    So, it's a PAL Model 1 oval button Saturn which has been modded to 60Hz (for fullscreen/speed Nights goodness) and I'll include a SEB board which you can fit if you want to do region free as well as speed on the fly without switches. I didn't install it because for my needs (checked out Radiant...
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    Saturn Model 1 PAL MK-80200-50 Mobo and SEB mod

    Thank you Sirsmeggy, you are worth your weight in smeg :pcguru:
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    Tell Us Your Top 5 Video Games You Have Ever Played

    I'd have to go with a top 5 in no significant order: Shenmue II (DC) - The game that killed Sega, a sacrifice I would gladly make again for Shenmue III to appear some time this millenium. Excels in every aspect and I loved the "day in a life" and then some that it delivers. Grandia II (DC) -...
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    Saturn Model 1 PAL MK-80200-50 Mobo and SEB mod

    I've got a PAL Saturn (MK-80200-50 - Oval buttons) that I'd like to region/Hz mod using the excellent stealth mod from Seb. Problem is my mobo looks nothing like the one he has pictured or anything like any other guides (mmonkey, gamesx etc...) have listed :( Here are some pics: Got...
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    Official Swap Trick Support Thread

    Picked up my first Saturn over the weekend (PAL MK-80200-50 - Oval buttons) and the swap trick worked first time and every time :) I concentrate on the sound of the laser mech moving so: 1) Turn on Saturn with CDR in (mute TV for less distractions and more listening) and original in hand ready...
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    Rumour: Another Sega franchise making a comeback?

    Samba De Amigo on the Wii seems to be a given. I'd like to see Shenmue III with added waggle though :ridinghorse: