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    Saturn Video/RCA Cord

    Shouldn't Saturn cables of all types be easy to find on eBay?
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    panza dragoon saga

    Yes, NiGHTS is more expensive in Europe. On eBay it's £25 or so, and I've yet to see a game store sell a old copy for less than £35. I don't really care about the game, I just want several of those controllers; unfortunately they're £17 or so just on their own. I'm considering getting them...
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    what can my sega cdx do?

    No, the Neptune would have been all three. Pity, I'd have bought one. It's just that most other people wouldn't have.
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    Does anyone know where to buy a Sega CD in the UK

    I have one more - Sol-Deace was a MD shooter that got converted to MCD (effectively, they just gave it CD music and that was it) under the name Sol-Feace. I don't know why they changed the name slightly; perhaps to avoid confusion.
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    Does MEGA-CD 1 Euro exists ?

    I have a UK MCD 1 with a v1.00 BIOS. I don't know when and where it was bought as I only got it a couple of months ago by swapping it for an old computer.