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    A Windows region converter program?

    Don't try running the program in a dos window if that's the case, restart your comp. in dos mode. might want to check out your settings for satconv...have it run in a full window and with fast memory emulation on. If you have any problems still, post back. koftheworld
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    Stupid Little thing for Sega and Tocom boxes...

    Hey, I wasn't the one who brought it up! koftheworld
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    anyone have?

    I know it seems like a lot of time, but you might have missed some of the secrets to this game. I know that every time I replay it, I find something new. If someone wants to contribute their saved game (I don't know why though), then go ahead and us it, but in my opinion it isn't worth it...
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    From your other posts...probably both! HEHEHE. koftheworld
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    I was a sucker for the NHL games made on the genesis. Even though the game play was less than perfect (a lot less) and the goalies were kinda bad, I loved having something that was like real hockey. Compared to NHL 2K2 for the DC, I can't believe how much Sega has evolved it's original game...
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    anyone have?

    I'd start the game's not like SFCD is a terrible game to replay. Most people around here have probably gone through the complete thing dozens of times already. There are enough faqs out there if you want to be really lazy. koftheworld
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    milk, if you give me your email address I can email you a copy of my help page specifically for scdconv. koftheworld
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    Stupid Little thing for Sega and Tocom boxes...

    YOU ARE A DORK! koftheworld
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    shining force cd on gens

    Gens 1.7 emulates the game perfectly...If you are using the iso/mp3 combo, you need to follow the naming instructions for the mp3's per the read me in the gens folder...If the burnt copy is freezing too, redl it. koftheworld
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    shining force cd on gens

    Need to know if you're using an iso/mp3 combo... koftheworld
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    sega cd not loading

    It shouldn't matter how long you haven't used your scd...Your laser will not wear out (that is unless you are/were a super scd freak and played it for 10 hours straight, left it on overnight and then picked it up the next day...and after that, only if you did this continuously) My feeling is...
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    Sega cd Scans

    Check the link section on Segaxtreme...that should help. koftheworld
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    Shinning Force 3 Translation

    Funny. I just dug up the work we did for the SFIII translation, and.........all I found was complete crap! I guess I thought we had done some actual work on it. Instead, we were stuck on trying to patch the iso with something like an ips patch. I gotta im him and get crackin' on this again...
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    Shinning Force 3 Translation

    There isn't actually a patch for Shining Force III yet. All that this site put up was the text translation for the game. The game was AMAZING, but so far no one has made any progress actually translating it IN-GAME. My friend and I were working on something though....maybe we'll have some...
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    Genesis Emulator for DC

    There was a big rush about this new sega emu someone coded, but supposedly it's nothing more than a rip of an emu sold for the dc...not the smash pack emu though. Too bad. Everyone would LOVE a genesis emu for the dc.....soon, there'll be one