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    Somone is back here

    It is like a symbol in his band .. Iori sings and I have a few mp3s too .. he had this style back when he was singing and still has them .. if you see him in action you wont even notice him fighting. my favourite
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    Somone is back here

    Read all my posts that I did. All were important and included information and no bullshit .. read by urself and tell me .. And anyway ... the talk starts about my collection only when some smart ass starts to pick on it .. and make a big deal about .. I do not have a scanner, no digital camera...
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    A question about Contra games

    Oh like you said .. only those two .. thanx
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    Neo geo us or jap

    About the Game Cube thing .. I bought a Game cube from an asian site that has a switch on its back to change from Japanese to US, works very well with no problems at all.
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    Everyone that cares about neo cds respond...

    FAKK2 I never downloaded any CD games, can you tell me how big are the games ?
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    Possible to Replace Neo-Geo CDZ CD Drive

    I wouldnt try to ruin such an expensive system with my experiments if I am not sure its a success ..
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    Neo Geo CD Replacement Shells

    I dont recommend ebay. They rarely have any NeoGeo CD systems up there which are very expensive. the cheapest one I saw was 100 dollars. I believe its still on now.
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    What do you think of KOF 2001?

    KOF 98 is still the best kof out yet. Kof 2000 was a big change in the kof series. However kof 2001 was not that good. all because of the super cancels. If you needed to use the striker to make a good combo in kof 2000, now you can do a combo twice as big without any strikers... you can keep...
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    KOF 2001

    I hang around other NeoGeo forums and I saw the pictures of advertisments in Korea and pictures of the cover of the game. Also they posted about it the Madmans cafe, it is really coming out on PC, no changes on the game will happen at all. Also, it is confirmed by the developers that kof2000...
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    Arakon is still the smart one, I bet he can make a new sega system for us :D
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    Where to buy?
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    A question about Contra games

    What GameFAQs ?
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    Grandia and PS2

    By the way the sitting alien looks a bit stupid :D
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    Somone is back here

    Wait wait .. what spam ? and what rediculous statements .. ? First I might have said a few things about my collection .. and because many of the members have no trust they simply made a big deal out of it .. Also I do not have to prove anything to anyone at all .. I do not owe anybody any...
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    Best Sega System?

    I still that many old style Genesis games can be better than the new 3D games. The best sega system is the Genesis, then goes Dreamcast ... Shenmue remember ?
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    Genesis Roms List?

    Is there anyone working on dumping genesis games now ? I knew a project that redumped a few games but it was down months ago.
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    sonic 4/5/crackers roms

    The rom that u see around of sonic 4 is pretty buggy .. I get stuck in air sometimes and walk on nothing .. its obviously incomplete .. but deffinately a real game by sega. And btw you said you were sick of playing sonic1-3. Why dont you try Sonic CD, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Spinball ?
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    What Genny game had the best GFX?

    Contra Hard Corps is pretty advanced comparing to some other genesis games, GFX and sound are pretty nice ... I never get bored of playing this game.
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    A question about Contra games

    I have those, no more Contra games ? Hard Corps was really good ..
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    Grandia and PS2

    Yeah its really nice, I laughed my ass off when I first saw it. I did not buy Grandia yet .. maybe later. planning to win the Nomad auction going now ... and im low on green so .....