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    bin/cue Nero probs

    Everytime I burn a raw type of ISO with mode1/2352.. it burns, but I can't play it on my saturn. I used satconv on it, changed it to USA. It says it's incompatible when I pop it into the saturn. Should I just convert it to ISO? That usually works like a charm. And do I have to re-extract the bin...
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    Did I burn right?

    Does the laser go up, or rather back to scan the outter layer before I swap it? If so, it doesn't for me. It doesn't try. Doesn't slow down either, until it goes to the CD Player screen. So I can't really do the swapping that way or any other way. Probably a bad burn. Don't know what else to do...
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    Did I burn right?

    Alright, first CD was a dud cause I popped it into my PC to see if it would even read it. It wouldn't. My second attempt was ISO/MP3, converted the ISO to RAW cause CDRWin complained and changed it to Mode1/2352. It's viewable on the comp, seems fine on the Saturn. But it won't load. I never...