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    SSF? Satourne? Et al?

    Holy shit...just have SSF a spin for the first time in ages. Damn that program has come a long way - Nights practically playable on a Athlon 3000+. Nice. :) Is Satourne still under development Runik?
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    Ah...such a shame. Too bad it had to fizzle out like this, but as others have said, once Sega stopped being a dominant force in the gaming industry, interest died. I had many happy hours posting and reading threads here, met some great people, had some good convo's. There were...
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    Windows XP Clean Install Issue

    Is the computer connected to the internet all the time? As in, while you are installing windows and applying patches? Do you have any kind of firewall in place? I'm guessing your PC is getting attacked while it's in an unpatched state, corrupting various programs before you get a chance to...
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    Bochs x86 PC emulator

    I tried it ages ago and it was s.l.o.w. Props for the devs doing it, but even if it can do what you ask, SSF would probably render a frame every day or so.
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    Should I use AMD or Intel?

    I see nothing exciting from AMD in the near future in the consumer space, and the new Intel Core Duo chips seem to be tearing up the benchmarks...I know what my next system is likely to be.
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    Help with Apple Logic Pro 7

    Not an Apple or Logic user, but it sounds like you're expecting the MIDI connection to transmit the sounds from the keyboard. MIDI only transmits control information to whatever is at the other end, which in turn plays the sounds asked of it. If you don't have Logic set up to map some actual...
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    Rats back!

    That's cool, alm. :)
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    Rats back!

    I know not of whom you speak... (Cutris - wtf?)
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    Best AAC codec...

    Probably around 30meg. FLAC usually manages around 2:1 compression.
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    Test Drive® Le Mans®

    What a great game. :) Graphically this one is really impressive, though the pop-in on the vehicals can be noticable. Little beats tearing down one of the Le Mans straights at top speed, car bouncing and shaking all over the place, slamming on the brakes at the last instant. My only complaint...
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    Boot Cd Help

    This is an older guide, but I've used it with success in the past.
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    Didn't you point this out to us last year? I seem to recall being weirded out then...
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    What are your favorite quotes?

    "wasn't this already done?" - joe81, a little while ago, 2005.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Have a good one mal!
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    ipod question

    Interesting. This product claims to do it, but it's payware. I think Red Chair have been around a while, so they might even know what they are doing.
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    SSE2 has been around since 2001, and is hardly fancy. You also clearly don't have any original games, or have not tried SSF because it quite happily bypasses the security ring. If you absolutely must use binaries, I'm sure daemon tools will work just fine. For a piece of alpha software, I'm...
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    ipod question

    I don't have a pod, but I didn't think you could do this? I thought the only way to get music off was to delete it...
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    What's The Most Addictive Game You Have Ever Playe

    What's The Most Addictive Game You Have Ever Playe Old Skool: Columns New Skool: World of Warcraft
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    What'd I Miss?

    What'd I Miss? Hey MTX...been a long time. :)
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    Celeron 1.2GHZ & WinXP SP-2..

    Celeron 1.2GHZ & WinXP SP-2.. Nah...not really. There is no linear relationship between Celeron and PIII processors. True, equivelently clocked PIIIs will usually benchmark higher than a Celeron counterpart, but it's application dependant how that'll translate into real world usage. IIRC...