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    SEGA SG-1000!

    midi module's a bit misleading. it's an fm sound chip similar to what was in the genesis. there were only a few games made to support it. the japanese versions of wonderboy 3 and phantasy star come to mind. no euro or american carts support it (obviously) so were you to stick you cherished copy...
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    Final Insult to Dreamcast

    considering it was packaged with 13 games that is cheap for an n64, however all the games excpet zelda suck so i guess it's not
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    PS2 to be same price as GC in mid November!?

    the things been out for quite awhile. hasn't everyone who's going to buy already bought one? maybe sony'll combine marketing strategies and simultaneously drop the price and create an artificial shortage.
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    Chinese / HK DVDs

    depends on which one you get. i'll admit to having purchased a few of them. stuff that has no region one release and would be devistatingly expensive to import. my copy of angels egg looks pretty good. can't tell you exactly how good as i've never seen the video on an authentic copy. galaxy...
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    new xbox game from Panzer Dragoon desginer

    type of connection doesn't matter. anything less than t1 isn't really a big enough pipe to support streaming vidoe. the end result being shit video quality. the whole concept of streaming's a pretty poor idea to begin with. rember when you could download stuff and watch it at you leasure? for...
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    My Skies of Arcadia Disk is dead :(

    without pinoy ther can be no skies of arcadia! :P
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    Post a picture of your car!

    sure it isn't just overheating?
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    Too much visual information..

    umm, to support what galstaff was "saying" my only problem with the pics is that there weren't enough of them. c'mon. i wanna see some face shots and for the love of christ tkae those fucking panties off!
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    neo geo cd

    so, how big are all the boards in a aes machine. seems the cheapest and best alternative would be to get an old upright, sans well, the upright case. stuff the inards in a p.c. case or something and get arcade carts
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    Can't remember

    Can't remember galstaff, vertigox. keeps repeating those last 2 posts in perpetuity. it's be one of those reciprocating, recursive thingies
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    I Building t3h c0mputar t00

    get a case that you can mount in a rack. they're way fucking cooler. also the full moon's hella bright tonight. you should plan to put the thing together around midnight during a full moon and hope that it comes to life. igor:we need bloood nanny: i'll get it! anouncer: but some things did...
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    Can't remember

    Can't remember are we talking about a remix of a song by the band cars? or are we talkin' "the cars that go BOOM!" by rap/pop masters la 'trimm? we're tegra and bunny and we like the boom that should be my new tagline
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    Looking for some ideas...

    fanfic is pure evil. lemme give you an idea QUIT NOW WHILE YOU'RE AHEAD!
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    And the head of United Game Artists to leave SEGA.

    after uga merged with sonic team i think it was kind of an inevitablity. he's gonna be overshadow were he to stay with sega. funny. i was just playing a round of rez today and wishing there were more games like it. the mix of color, light and sound's a fairly unique thing in gaming. given his...
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    What type of music do you like?

    electronic, mainly ambient/industrial. and of course tori amos new-wave, particualrily devo. gothic. well, bauhaus anyway
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    fun fun game

    deductive reasoning at work in the guess that game forum. good work mal. your turn i guess i coulda photochopped out the copyright notice :rolleyes:
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    Soundtrack requests

    i would like evolution for the dreamcast up, please
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    fun fun game

    oh yeah, down at the bottom of the page. i was trying the html insertation thing this should be fairly easy for at least someone
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    Post a picture of your car!

    what on earth are you talking about. i'm barely aboe the poverty line. listen to someone older and wiser for once. don't buy a camaro, firebird or transam made between 198? and 199? (the night-rider body style). they'll ened up costing you more in the long run (tickets, maintence). if you get...
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    fun fun game

    someone else can have my turn. curse my lack of a static ip address. i have no way to host anything right now. just pick something good. preferably for the genesis or dreamcast