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    Action Replay card for jap Saturn only?

    They have some that have only the 1mb or no 1mb/4mb feature.. and they have a just the 4mb/1mb+stkey thing.. a few diff ones, i jus sold my Par4n1 (some call it 5 in 1 but no one uses the 5th function ) but its light gray and works fine. And D-Boy has one thats Black and is older with just the...
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    How to pronounce Ikaruka.....

    I can say japanese words quite easily and suck at spanish words.. o-O
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    VCD card question

    So there is an item i can purchase for my Saturn (Model 2, Mod Chipped and have PAR4n1 and Country flip switch) so i can play VCD's on my saturn eh? will i be able to play foreign VCD's like Anime from say Japan? ?
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    Best Saturn Games?

    In my utmost surprise, no one mentioned any of the langrisser titles, which are probably the rarest, most missed out on kick ass strategic RPG's with great cel art from the great Satoshi Urishihara who does hentai manga now but used to not do hentai when he did langrisser ??? But yeah here is my...
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    sega cd rpg's

    sega cd rpg's Lunar in english sucks anyhow, learn japanese and play Langrisser and Black/Matrix and orgasm at the greatness
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    bought a CDX last night

    A good adition to 32x is the Sonic game they made for it where your partner is attached to you by a ring .. forgot the name, great one
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    Shining the Holy Ark

    You know what the real challenege of this game is? finding all 25 fairies, it took me FOREVER and i finnally did it, i doubt i could ever bring myself to do it again however, but this is one of the best all time games for sure!
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    fun fun game

    I think its Cruisin USA N64 :-p im taking a stab.. vbt your ftp is messing up while im trying to upload.
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    Help with burning!

    No what you do with Easy CD Creator 5 is not data cd, open Easy Cd 5, goto File > Burn Image... > Pick your ISO and check your settings before burn. You'll need a cue sheet for games you may download with mp3's (Convert the mp3 to wav is easiest, than use Sega Cue Maker) .. if having to use cue...
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    Silhouette Mirage

    Yeah im epileptic and play games.. i am scolded many times for that! haha!
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    Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight

    i own the game i know there is a warning msg.. the psx people got a remix track after the warning on theirs but the saturn people got treated to new areas more music and playability of maria and richter.. no CV is complete without a Belmont! muchless Marias better endings leave the door wide...
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    As always i have to agree full stop with dboy, i listen to chip tunes also from various console platforms on my winamp 2.8 .. had to tell it to stop bugging me when it asked if i wanted new version
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    Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight

    ah so audio tracks are included only if there are audio's on the cd.. alrighty than thanks again mal
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    Burning Saturn Backups with Ezcd

    And actually about the "Backups" thing, i own just about all of my Saturn games minus 3, + the ones i just downloaded. they do need backing up so bleh.
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    Silhouette Mirage

    Wow this Platform/Shooter Hypbrid is pretty jazzy, if you can be content that the enemies are a little funky and offbeat, Treasure has yet another great game added to my list of fun games, and the load times are not bad at all
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    Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight

    I downloaded dracula x nocturne in the moonlight it was spaned over a bunch of rars.. i opened the rar and uncompressed the 412mb iso.. but lo an behold - no audio files at all.. this is the first ive seen of this Is it incomplete and i need the mp3 or will it still have sound and play fine...
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    Shining Force Music

    Is it possible im just missing some mp3's for it? i dont get background music either nor hear music at the sonic software thingie. id like to enjoy this game, looks like a good sequel to Shining Force 1, always a classic
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    Burning Saturn Backups with Ezcd

    Thanks guys, youve been a great help, now ive got Thunder Force 5 playing flawlessly using the easy cd 95, i thought ez cd creator 5 was the same shit, so no wonder it didnt work. Is it easier for people to download a bin+cue rip or what? im gonna distro some of my games people seem to never...
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    Burning Saturn Backups with Ezcd

    Well im trying the make a .cue from the .iso and .mp3 files and using binchunker, but binchunker dies on my machine.. im using win98se gives me an error about floating point zero or something
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    Burning Saturn Backups with Ezcd

    Im using Ez Cd creator 5 - here is what i am doing and it does not work:: taking .iso and .mp3's turn .mp3 to wav name files accordingly:: e.g. thunder5.iso, thunder5 02.wav, thunder5 03.wav ect in mixed mode cd burning i drop the iso to the data track icon, and the wavs to the audio icon...