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    cell phone emulation

    hey, i got a psp fat for christmas and well the firmware was updated to 3.51 when trying to play a game so now i was wondering if any of you would be able to make a pandora battery and a jigkick stick with the latest version of m33's custome firmware on it for me if i send you a bat and a mem...
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    cell phone emulation

    how hard is it to set the new psp's up for emulators. i've seen pages that talk about how to mess with the firmware of old units but they really didn't give guids saying the newer slimmer units. so anyone can point me in the right direction of a good forum for psp emulation.
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    cell phone emulation

    ya i assumed it had to do with just wireless internet. see i was thinking of a phone with internet because at my job there wont be any wireless internet access since i work on top of a mountain where there are no homes in the area(well there are just i'd be out of range for any home wireless...
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    cell phone emulation

    so how expensive is the psp's internet service? I haven't really been down with the whole new school gaming either and dont know anything really about the psp other than it's sony's handheld.
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    cell phone emulation

    can i browse the internet with a psp? ya i really liked my old nokia phone the one night i smashed it off the ground and put it back together didn't realize i put the bat upside down it didn't work so i destroyed it. then a couple of days later i put it all back together again and used a paper...
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    cell phone emulation

    Well my contract is running out in a couple of months and so i'm thinking about getting a new cell phone. Now i started looking to see how prevelent emulation is on cell phones and it seems like there really isn't a cell phone emulation scene. I mean i was looking at the iphone and all i see out...
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    Game Over for Arcades?

    eh, last arcade i went to was dave and busters and they were charging like a dollar to play a game from the 90s. the things i'm seeing anymore becoming slightly popular are game stores where people go in and pay like 5 dollars to play like 360 and computer games and stuff together on big screen tvs.
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    What happened?

    eh i stopped posting when i gave up drinking, but come on the site because i know that if i need help with random anything people are there to give their ideas.
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    backing up question also virus/spyware question

    i can't figure out how to scan all files using ubcd for viruses and i can't find the antivirus program on knoppix
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    backing up question also virus/spyware question

    eh i looked at the sites i'll try the linux boot cd and also ubcd i always ask questions before i read things i like to have an understanding before i start reading it's like how text books are set up they pose some questions in the first part of a chapter to get you heading in the right...
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    backing up question also virus/spyware question

    so with all these boot cds they come with antivirus programs on the boot cd? i should be able to just do the scan on the computer that's infected with one of the boot cds and it would work fine? i mean i want to make sure i understand exactly basically the boot cd would prevent the os from...
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    backing up question also virus/spyware question

    well long time no post for me but i have two friend is having a really bad time with their computer, viruses, and spyware. my question is if i back up all their info(like personal stuff not the os and sytem files) to a external hard drive and then connect it to my computer to scan...
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    Buying a new PC

    i haven't ordered from them but a close friend did and he never had any problems he actually recomended the site to me. i plan on buying a maxed out system sometime in the near future off them when some of the new graphics card lines start hitting the stores.
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    Buying a new PC

    why not check out
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    PS3 and Wii sales

    eh i almost destroyed some kid that cut me in line for a wii. i wasn't buying it for myself i was going to give it away for a christmas gift but in the end i didn't get one and neither did the kid that cut in line 2 people infront of me.
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    your opinion

    oddly enough i dont remember who i was talking about in the first post and how the hell did this get dredged up
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    Combining Forums

    possibly combine the other consoles with general
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    wow! I look at the board daily and i missed this topic till now. I guess i should read the news section when i come on here instead of just scanning over the general and other sections. I'll freely admit when i have any questions about almost anything i come here with them. a few times i've had...
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    sonic demo

    eh i tried to upload some videos of me playing with 1 and 1/2 hands just the files were too big so it wouldn't let me. basically my main complaint is the controls of the game and the level design doesn't help with the problem.(in the videos i die a lot at one point and i mean ya ok sure if...