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    1st Change at SX

    Where did you see "warez" on FTPA forum ? it was only one time and the topic was deleted... I'm not agree with the deleting of this section ! I've sometimes informations I want to give only to admins and FTPA (like ideas of web page). I never considered this section as "warez hiden forum"...
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    International Superstar Soccer Deluxe

    Whitesnake ?? What's going on ? A request ?!?!?
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    What Age is Everyone?

    Just 351 years old...
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    Where are you from...?

    Evreux, France... Where it rains all the time...
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    Any programmers here besides me?

    I'm a programmer under multiple W32 language, especially with VB,C++,php,windev,fox pro,JAVA. Sometime TCL/TK,Open Basic under UNIX and an ASM debugueur... We work (at my job) on a database with more than 180 tables in it too. My skills are situated on the TCP/IP protocol. At this time, i'm...
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    About my Avatar.

    It's confused but very funny !
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    Sega CD emus?

    What a great dream you have ! lol That's impossible...The Genesis/SegaCD's hardware can't allow us this ! (Not enough powerful) And anyway, We haven't got enough informations on SegaCD development...
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    Bomberman BASH

    Cool ! I think I will be here if the time is good for me....
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    Maybe i don't understand... The "virtual terminal" you said is in fact the REAL terminal (because i think your linux boot directly into X, isn't it ?). A virtual terminal is an xterm session open under X. Under the teminal, you have to tape "startx" in order to return into your X session.
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    Virtual cd-rom

    You need to create a cue file and then select it in Virtual Daemon
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    Direct connect emulator

    Ok ! i've finally began my project. I can see datas send from metal marines on COMs ! Now, i've just to resend them throw TCP... Due to the serial speed, i've got no problems with lost packets and i think i'll have no futur problems. And better ! My idea works with any old games which use COMs...
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    Direct connect emulator

    Well....COMt works or not ?
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    Direct connect emulator

    Here is how we can set up : The principle isn't to "emulate" the serial port... When a COM is connect, it is lock and we can't read or write to it directly by another application ! So, we need 2 free COM port and hook up them together with a null-modem. One of them is used to send and receive...
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    Direct connect emulator

    Ok. I have found informations about metal marines. It uses 2 types of connections : RAS connection by modem or throw netbios using a built-in SLIP/PLIP protocol (serial/par). So, playing by tcp is possible (with netbios). Maybe we need to use NBT (Netbios over Tcp) and a WINS server or...
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    Arggg!  someone stole a part of my bumper!

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    Direct connect emulator

    Is it a sort of RAS connection ? It's a DOS game i presume.... Maybe i have an idea but i'm very not sure...
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    Gens kaillera

    I've seen Street Fighter 1 first of name under Atari ST, Arcade(works with mame), Amstrac CPC, Nes and maybe there was a port on other system....
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    Burn under cdrecord tutorial !

    I've burned some games under cdrecord and they work great ! Why CDrecord ? Because most of my PCs are under Linux and the others on Windows 2000 (we have a few soft that can burn our sega cd/saturn iso : cdr-win which one doesn't work sometimes for me, EZCD95 crash the machine under win2000 and...
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    Gens kaillera

    You're right ! i didn't see the [h1] at the end of filename...
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    Gens kaillera

    There IS a port of SF2T on MD/Genesis.. I have the rom on my server.