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    First Outrun 2 (Xbox) Review!

    I got the Xbox version today, having played the arcade version to death I was expecting it to be good but it has managed to be even better :). If it had just been the arcade game well converted I'd have been happy to be honest, so all the extra stuff is a real bonus. Some of the missions sound...
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    Outrun 2 News!

    Don't mind me for being suspicious, but I don't see a source for this info anywhere..
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    Grand Slam for France !

    The West Indies are hardly the team they usually are though. It's still pretty encouraging for us.. Congrats to France, but I couldn't care less about rugby to be honest, watched the World Cup final out of interest but that was it. I think England might do well at the European Championships...
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    Grand Slam for France !

    England's had it's sporting success of this half-century.. It's all downhill from here again :lol:
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    Ok, now everybody can stop asking me

    It makes sense to me, but probably not in the way he intended it ;)
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    scariest game EVER

    Although the Silent Hill games are more disturbing, the first Fatal Frame made me crap myself a lot more. I still sometimes get the fear at night thinking of this particular ghost wailing about her eyes.
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    Funny Ebay Auctions

    Here's one.. And another from the same guy.
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    What will be the Dreamcast's rare gems?

    What will be the Dreamcast's rare gems? It's quite interesting to see what's considered rare in the US compared to here. A good example was Megaman Battle & Chase for the Playstation, I bought a copy for £10 here and sold it to a guy in the US for $200 because it never came out there. Not bad...
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    This is probably the first time someone here has played on an arcade game before those overseas :). I'll savour it while it lasts. By the way, I never tried it on the other modes - only the one that plays like the original game. So I can't comment on how good they are. Oh yeah, I forgot to...
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    You definately should.. Just make sure you don't take anyone with you so you can spend some quality time with the cab without having to constantly say "But it's Outrun 2!" as they tap their feet next to you :lol:
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    What are you listening to?

    :lol: That reminds me of a long-running joke between me and one of my mates. I'd explain, but it's one of those things that makes no sense but to those involved :). I'm currently caning the hell out of an album called 'Horse of the Dog', by The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.
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    2 more weeks!!!!

    You'd have to have a pretty bad diet to be able to roast a town full of zombies with farts. I always found cheap deodorant to be good for a bit of arson.
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    I finally managed to play Outrun 2 a couple of weeks back, it's as much of an orgasm as the first. The feeling of satisfaction when you pull off a drift well is just ridiculous. That said, the cab certainly wasn't set up for tall people.. I ended up getting cramp cos otherwise it was impossible...
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    Overdumped Roms

    River City Ransom isn't in the Famicom Mini series though, it's a new version with updated graphics. That still sounds way too big though..
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    2 more weeks!!!!

    Can't see what all the fuss is about, personally. So long as you can make it to the nearest garden centre for a healthy supply of green herbs, we'd all survive an outbreak of zombism. I've been checking out the locations of all the item boxes in my area for this very occurence.
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    videogame rage stories

    I haven't done anything like that since I was younger (though I came close whilst doing some of the combat sections on the new Prince of Persia). Once I headbutted my Gameboy because I couldn't beat some guy on a WWF game, smashing all the screen in. I also remember scratching my face really...
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    which guitar should i get

    Tell Jimmy Page that Teles 'suck'. Different guitars are good for different things. I don't like certain makes (like Ibanez as an easy example, though I do concede they might have their uses if you're after a particular sound), but just saying that they 'suck' does nothing but make you look like...
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    which guitar should i get

    I guess I'm completely defeated by that well structured and insightful argument :rolleyes: . Teles have the dirtiest sound going, no other guitar can sound so heavy whilst also shredding you eardrums. Strats are far too clean, no matter what amp you put them through. Ibanez guitars have no...
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    which guitar should i get

    None of 'em. Get a Telecaster :P
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    Last Battle

    I remember renting this out once and deciding it was one of the worst games I'd ever played. And I was much easier to please in those days :P Then again, I can't stand Altered Beast, but many seem to regard it as something of a classic so what the hell do I know.