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    Help me translate Princess Crown

    I made a post in the help-wanted section of, but I thought I should appeal here as well. If anyone can handle the hacking, I can handle all the Japanese. Princess Crown is a Saturn game that can and should have a proper translation done. Please do let me know if you are...
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    Sonic Xtreme demo released

    Holy crap, this is real. It's simple, but it's surprisingly cool for what it is. Sonic looks great, and the framerate is very nice indeed.
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    The Ooze? Who has heard of this game?

    It's one of those really late-era Mega Drive games (summer/fall '95) that was made in the US. The Japanese release was probably very small. It's actually an STI game, I believe.
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    Are all new arcades sucking?

    I think perhaps your cause and effect are a little mixed up. Back in the old days, arcade hardware used top-of-the-line technology. These days, the specs of arcade PCBs are laughably weak. It seems to me that this issue was forced by the decline in arcade's popularity, not the other way around...
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    SCART RGB --> Component converter

    It was expensive, but the Aptus1 RGB-YUV converter I got from Keene electronics has a nice 1/8" audio-out jack, and is otherwise a truly top-quality product. There is nobody I would not recommend it to. Here's a link.
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    Unreleased Game: Sonic X-treme (NiGHTS Version) Video

    That's actually not the NiGHTS engine. If you read down the post available through the link, you'll see why.
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    The Ideal CD Image Format?

    The trouble I've had recently with dual data track iso's has got me thinking. Issues like ease of use and computer compatibility aside, what is the best format for ripping game CD's? Specifically, unprotected CD's like what we (basically) have with the Saturn and the Sega CD? Does anyone know if...
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    How to burn games with 2 data/ISO tracks

    I've got a bit of a problem trying to burn a game with 2 data tracks myself. It's called "Suchie Pie Adventure". It came with a cue sheet that was probably coughed up by Sega Cue Maker, because it had both tracks as mode1/2048. I wound up burning a disc with that que later, just to check it, but...
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    To A Good Home: Mega Drive Play TV

    I got this thing for free in Japan last year. The price tag on it was for about $35, but now you can get it by basically giving me the price of shipping and some change. For $10 paypal, I'll wrap it up and send it to you via priority mail. It's used, yes, but it still works. I'm too lazy to...
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    SCART cables and white noise

    All righty, I'll see what I can do. I may just have to try a different kind of cheap chinese cable, though. Official ones are pretty hard to find. Thanks for your help!
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    SCART cables and white noise

    My TV is hooked up to my Saturn via a SCART cable, but formerly it was via an S-video cable. While the improvement in picture quality is wonderful, I have noticed that there is an increase in audio "white noise" with the change in cables. Particularly when the screen is mostly white, such as...
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    PS3 and Wii sales

    This is drifting off topic, but that's what threads like this are for. I honestly don't believe that HD-video formats of any kind are going to become "standard" until they get so dirt cheap that it would be stupid for anyone to have plain DVDs anymore. When DVD came to replace VHS, it offered a...
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    PS3 and Wii sales

    I'm in Japan right now, and I have witnessed the same phenomenon in two different game stores. In one, there was a stack of 6 PS3s, but Wiis were nowhere to be found.
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    Segaxtreme will soon be closing [Updated]

    Getting rid of the site entirely would be a shame for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that its forums are a meeting place for people in-the-know about Sega hardware. The loss of these forums would be both an inconvenience to a lot of troubled gamers and a blow to progress on...
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    Do you think Mega-LD games will ever be emulated?

    Thank you very much for the input. I'm glad to see at least some optimism about something like this. I've actually been casually eying some laseractives on Ebay, and even though I am honestly too broke to handle getting one this month, it may just happen some time in the coming year. If it does...
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    So how does Princess Crown REALLY run on the PSP?

    Nice. It's pleasing to see people knowing what they are talking about firsthand. Thanks a lot for sharing!
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    Do you think Mega-LD games will ever be emulated?

    Let me just say first, to remove all doubt, that I am not making any kind of request for someone to work on this or anything. I'm just asking what kind of insights people have in the subject. Do you guys remember the Pioneer Laseractive? For the most part, it really wasn't all that special...
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    So how does Princess Crown REALLY run on the PSP?

    Thank you for your input, that certainly sounds most reasonable to me. Might I ask, though, what your source on this information is?
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    So how does Princess Crown REALLY run on the PSP?

    Hey guys, I know it's old news, but I just read this interview where the interviewer says that Princess Crown is running on the PSP via emulation, using GiriGiri no less. I can't believe this, but the Sony guy didn't correct him. He may be just a batty PR guy, though. The PSP has a 333 MHz CPU...
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    Knuckles Chaotix 32X

    The best part of Chaotix is that it uses a unique tweak on the Sonic system to allow for really fast playing. The platforms were well designed to take advantage of this, and the result is that Chaotix is actually faster than the Sonic games once you get used to it. It can be a lot of fun. The...