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    i just had some sushi....mmmmmm! it was damn good. i pretty much hate seafood in general, except for shrimps and some sushi. like shrimp, samon, or yellowtail rolls. also, rice with soy souce and that soup that they make... mmmmmm! the place we get our sushi from is SUSHI GEN, its really...
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    The dreamcast controller

    i think the DC controller is great. Your just gripping the controller to tightly or something. Sometimes my thumbs hurt when i play really long and use the annalog stick, but thats about it. i think the dc controller is the most comfortable controller ever.
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    Mailbox bomber

    ya this is some sick shit that the people are doing. Xaiver, so what happened with the bomb in your mailbox? did the mailman open it and it exploded or did the bomb not go off? what happened? BTW before on the previews for the news i heard them say that they had some leads on whos doing this...
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    favorite movie

    ####, i have some many movies i love, and cant say any favorites. man i just like had a brain fart and i cant think of any of my fav movies matrix rush hour both terminators true lies speed 1 (not 2, yuck) so so many those probably arent even my top top movies i just cant think of any now
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    I Think you all would love this game!

    that one isnt that funny i think the pimps at sea is the best though it was an april fools joke
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    I Think you all would love this game!

    <a href="">We all want this game! lol :)
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    ya ice check your e mails i like sent u one like 3 weeks ago
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    How I park my car!

    damnit i cant see it! it doesnt work for me :sad:
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    Now thats alot of video games!

    ####! i wished that i lived there! in that room, thats all i want..... video games 24-7
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    lame question

    i once (acidently) got some fresh blue berries (i picked them with my grandpa and dad in poland in the forests) the blue berries were so good and you had to pour sugar on them so they would be better. i found some "sugar" and poured it all over the blue berries. than i tasted it FUCK i poured...
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    My first post

    hey escarcho, welcome careful or you might get banned :wink: you seem alright i dont think you tried to break any rules purposly anyway i would IM you on AOL but im too lazy : )
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    i play online with my DC now. it is awesome. seganet is awesome. i love playing nba 2k2 and sometimes nfl 2k2. tournments are so fun with nba 2k2!!! i will get an xbox soon and by the time i get it offical online will be out and shit and i will just play there
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    Sega/Xbox News

    SEGA GT is awesome and it is popular. its coming out for xbox i have jet set radio for DC and it is really good, and JSR Future will be awesome! i havent played it but i hear its awesome 3rdman, this really isnt the place for news related to xbox. people here want to talk about sega only...
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    skankinmonkey, why are you apolizing? its good that you removed that, cuz it could be offensive to some brits, but segasonic is the one who should apoligize.
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    BYE GUYS!!!

    yeah it would piss me off if he knew what happened and just kept going. if he knew what he did, he should of atleast stopped and gone over there. sorry man anyway im glad that im like not sick anymore this wont be a very memorible spring break, but i did enjoy the skiing that i got to do
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    BYE GUYS!!!

    well guys, im back, and my vacation was shit! lol well it was aight i was like fuckin sick the whole week, but i forced myself to ski, and i had a good time anyway! eatpenguin, im glad your ok supergrom, sorry about your friend. what happened to the guy who cut him off? did he even stop and...
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    BYE GUYS!!!

    ####! i was gona try that! lol cya when i get back!
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    Help! I'm stuck in this game,.....!

    o yeah, he is really informative! his "information" got him banned! i wonder who banned him....? and in which post
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    anyone tell my why ?

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    Whatz Up Everyone!

    nice to have you back! (even though i wasnt here a year ago)