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    CPLD development

    They are saying that the USB Blaster cable supports all those devices. But if you wanted to exchange chips on the board, they would have to have the same pin assignments. I don't know if a MAX 3000 chip has the same pinout as an EPM240.
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    CPLD development

    If they're old chips that can go in a socket, like for a retro hardware project, then you can just buy them loose and plug them into a programmer or wire up a JTAG dongle when the time comes. For SMT stuff that is newer (but not cutting edge) then the cheapest option is probably one of the many...
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    Teitoku no Ketsudan III (PTO3) English Translation Thread

    任せる means to leave something in someone else's hands. These sound like options to 'delegate' (ie. put it on 'auto') or take manual control.
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    Teitoku no Ketsudan III (PTO3) English Translation Thread

    Halfwidth characters are part of the Shift-JIS standard. Shift-JIS includes the earlier JIS 201 standard, and then builds on top of it, using the previously unassigned values to encode the wide characters.
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    SEGA Saturn 28th Anniversary Game Competition

    SHMUP SALAD Become a flying bowl and shoot at food! Score points to level-up. Use all your utensils to increase your manners.
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    Casio Loopy Technical Spec help

    no real info, but judging by screenshots it looks like 256x224 with 32K colors
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    Help with Gulliver Boy translation (parchment riddle)

    probably word salad but here goes... Love Me Sumo Wrestler lalala, slo-mo for the cow and the millstone love love, and you toward the future a call to the sea, the swimming ugly and fish giving birth, the dying moment*, go to the samurai (assuming しにみす is しにみず) So, does the game have a cow, or a...
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    Yumimi Mix Remix translation

    Ah. Add this to the list of games that use SCSP FM synth...
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    SegaXtreme Cross-Platform FMV Competition

    Is there a 32X emu that supports this? When I tried going over 4MB before Fusion just says "not a 32X ROM"
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    SegaXtreme Cross-Platform FMV Competition

    My encodes use the audio compression that I posted about in another thread. To add a bit more detail on how that works, I take my 63 AC coefficients after the DCT and knock them down to 10 bits. Then I divide them further until the largest number fits in the range -31 to +31. The divider gets...
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    SegaXtreme Cross-Platform FMV Competition

    F$@# Everything, We're Doing Five ROMs. Since the 32X has an unfortunate 4MB ROM size limit, the video spans multiple ROMs. CGI sample: video = 320x176, 15fps, audio = 16KHz, stereo
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    32X variable bitrate audio proof-of-concept This paper looked like it would be easier to read than C code but in the end I still wasn't able to replicate it, so I guess I am sticking with the...
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    DIY Gamer's Cart (alternative parts?)

    EPM3032 looks like a part number for a CPLD rather than an EEPROM. Atmel 150x could be a substitute for Altera MAX CPLDs, if that's what you need.
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    N64 memory benchmark

    This is my attempt at a N64 memory benchmark, intended to uncover more details about N64 performance. I have no idea if it even runs on real hardware. Anyone out there with a flash cart??
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    32X variable bitrate audio proof-of-concept

    Looking into it a bit more, it seems that I'm late to the party as I didn't even know about O(N log N) algorithms for computing the DCT.
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    32X variable bitrate audio proof-of-concept

    I am shocked that mediafire is a) still around and b) actually let me download a file without JS enabled... How much CPU load do you figure for decoding the Vorbis? For my program I estimated about 14MHz to do the DCT III on blocks of 128 samples (172 blocks/second). I have only glanced at the...
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    32X variable bitrate audio proof-of-concept

    Could SH2 decode a format similar to MP3? Maybe. This was my experiment: 1) Use DCT II to convert a block of samples to the frequency domain. 2) Use quantization and psychoacoustic model to prune the data. (this part is not even done properly) 3) Use entropy coding to store coefficients in a...
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    SegaXtreme Cross-Platform FMV Competition

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    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

    Shoot down your opponent or knock them out of the sky in this insect-themed 1v1 fighter! edit: updated and re-uploaded the game to fix some booting problems! FLY VS FLY
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    2D Collision Detection with Multiple Objects

    Compare the difference between old and new coordinates (ie. the distance travelled in one frame) with the size of the hitbox. If the hitbox is bigger then the sprite can't 'skip over' another sprite, so only test one set of coordinates for a collision. If the hitbox is smaller than the distance...