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    Captain N The Game Master

    Hey does anyone remember Captain N The Game Master? well i loved that show when i was a kid. id love to find some episodes of it. if ya can help me out and know a site that has them let me know. Thanks
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    I may a little thick headed.....

    wow right on. maybe i can afford one now lol those first prices they have are rediculous, like the advrage person cant afford a X-BOX at those prices unless they sell there soul to microsoft lol
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    Final fantasy 7

    lol actually i was talking about the PC version.. i also have FF8 for the PC. so ur not gona tell me then oh well if ya change ur mind let me know
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    Final fantasy 7

    well im sure you have all heard the *myth* of being able to save aires. well i have tried many things all which have failed, has anyone had success in doing this? if so let me know id really like to find out but almost sure that you probably cant.
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    Stolen dc

    man thats harsh, if my stuff got stolen id go postal on everyone lol good luck in finding the cheap homo that stole it, and if ya do break his knees. heh.
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    Whats the diff?

    alright ill try that test
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    Whats the diff?

    yeah thanks a bunch. lol i thought i had some boot leg genesis or something haha. by the way do you know how they non-code checking genesis usually goes for?
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    Whats the diff?

    hey i have 2 sega system 1's they look exactly alike except for 2 differences that i can see. 1 says *High Defenition Graphics* on the top and the other does not. and the one that says HDG on the top had a EXT port on the back that looks like a 9pin serial connector. Can anyone tell me what...
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    Sega saturn

    because the rock said so lol
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    Your biggest gaming let down

    My biggest disapointment is the resent Final Fantasy games... In my opinion they have totally ruined the final fantasy series, the movie wasnt much to my liking either. Give me a copy of final fantasy 2 or 3 anyday over the crap they have out now. Although i did enjoy FF7 quite a bit.
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    Tetris TENGEN for trade - TENGEN tetris to trade for dream c

    Im looking to trade my tengen tetris cart for a used dreamcast with one controller and basic hookups. cart=mint